Will this bride and groom manage to stave off their undead wedding party?

Escape from undead wedding party
Photos by Jamie Ivins Photography

Apparently Matt and Sheri throw an annual Halloween party of epic proportions. After checking out the photos of their Massachusetts wedding last year, I'm not inclined to challenge that. At least, not if I don't want to be eaten by an undead wedding party.

Matt and Sheri decreed that every wedding guest would arrive properly arrayed in costume, and photographer Jamie Ivins tells me he saw Rosie the Riveter, Queen Elizabeth, and a family of Smurfs. You can see for yourself that Elvis was the officiant.

But the award for the best group costume goes to the wedding party. I mentioned they were undead, right? Matt and Sheri and the photographer had more than a little fun with a wedding-meets-zombie-apocalypse photoshoot at the end of the day. Which is awesome. Oh, but then there's the little zombie flower girl carrying a severed foot wrapped with a bouquet. And then her zombie escort is beyond adorable. I just… I can't decide what my favorite photo is at all.

Wedding shoes and fall leaves

Bride getting ready II

Dress detail

Bride black-and-white train

Laughing groom

Halloween wedding makeup

Zombie flower girl

Zombie groomsmen

First gawk

These are our serious faces

Kissing by the fence

Bloody feet in a bouquet

Spider lace in bouquets

Undead ringbearer and flower girl

Walked down the aisle by the devil

Halloween ceremony I

Halloween ceremony II

Halloween ceremony III


Graveyard of escort cards

Spooky vase

Spooky vase II

Spooky vase III

Carved pumpkin centerpiece

Carved pumpkin centerpiece II

Carved pumpkins with brides name

Carved pumpkins with grooms name

Hand drawn pumpkin

Spooky wedding cake

The Grim Reaper

Three skulls

Tiny haunted house

Our undead wedding party

Polite undead wedding party

Bride and groom escape from undead wedding party

Escape from undead wedding party black-and-white

Eaten by undead wedding party

Silhouetted kisses


DJ: Music Matters DJ and Party Services • Photographer: Jamie Ivins Photography • Venue: Zukas Hilltop Barn

  1. I am in love with the dress, the decorations, the costumes….well I guess the entire darn wedding! So awesome! <3

    4 agree
  2. I so want her dress and the cake!!! love them both and all the pictures looks great!! Thanks for some of the pictures, they made me laugh and made my day!! By the way … where in the world did the bride get her dress?? I want one just like it!! 🙂 congrats to the couple!!

    3 agree
  3. Epic!!! Just epic. There is nothing not to love about this wedding and the photos are the best!!! They totally made me laugh, especially the shot of the un-dead wedding party biting the bride and groom. Freaking awesome. 🙂 Well done, you guys! Congrats!!!

    1 agrees
  4. Beautiful wedding, captured in beautiful photos!!! That last one is just stunning, and the rest are awesome! And omg that dress and hair…

    2 agree
  5. 1. This is amazeballs.

    2. The bride looks amazing.

    3. Is it just me, or does the groom look a bit like Jason Bateman?

    1 agrees

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