The sexiest Lithuanian yogi bride and groom we'll feature today

May 28 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: Balti remeliai
Photos by Balti remeliai

Hang on. Lina and Mindaugas had such a sexily gorgeous wedding in Kaunas, Lithuania, that I'm still fanning myself. The couple own a yoga studio together, so let's start with how hot that is. Then let's examine the bad-assery of getting matching wedding-ring tattoos. Next, let's take into consideration how stunning the two-part ceremony was: Lina and Mindaugas exchanged vows both outdoors at the confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers and inside a Gothic church. St. George's Church is still undergoing restoration (building is OLD, y'all), but you'd never be able to tell from these airy, light-filled photos.

Obviously, there's a lot of loveliness going on here. But people, I want to know. Does your jaw drop as low as mine did when you see the back of the bride's dress? Pardon… more fanning, coming up.





















Photography: Balti remeliai • Venue: St. George's Church & Bernardine Monastery

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  1. That dress is indeed breathtaking! I was wondering about wearing it in a church (I know some places are REALLY strict, but I guess the veil made it ok? Or maybe they didn't care?)

    Love the cake, her hair, his suit. Beautiful! (My favorite picture is where he is behind her…so intimate and loving!)

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  2. Oh my GAWD! Yes, that dress is quite literally jaw dropping. *squeal* And visiting the tattoo-parlor together, all decked out in wedding attire, now that's cool.

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  3. So much gorgeous eye candy! The dress, the ring tattoos, the cake, the scenery both outdoors and in the church…

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  4. They're both so gorgeous! That dress is stunning. The groom is super swoon-worthy. They look so happy just to be in one another's company. Much happiness to the bride and groom!

    PS- If they ever have babies, I bet they'd be the prettiest babies ever, and I hope we get to see!

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  5. I love that their tattoos have shading and look like actual rings instead of just lines. Badass.

  6. I love it all! The dress is amazing. I love how it accentuates her yoga booty. 🙂

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