For your honeymoon lingerie consideration: sinister cirque

HELLO THERE, neo-vic ring leader!
I was doodling around over on, and came across this look that so immediately screamed OFFBEAT HONEYMOON OUTFIT that I couldn't help but share.

I realize this isn't the sort of thing we normally feature, but come on: seriously!?

The lace parasol?

The little top hat?

The striped stockings!?


If I walked into a honeymoon suite and saw this waiting for me I just… uh. Things would happen. Let's just leave it at that.

For a play-by-play of the full outfit, keep reading.

To learn more about each product, click the pictures below.
The parasol:

The Parisian-style skirt:

The stockings:

The little burlesque-y teeny tiny top hat:

(or make your own)

Oh, and don't forget the fingerless lace gloves! I'm a little torn on the corset included in this look, just 'cuz no off-the-rack corset is going to fit you like a custom-made corset will…but then again, no custom-made corset is only going to cost $50.

So, what do y'all think: should we be featuring more sexy-time stuff like this on Offbeat Bride?

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  1. YESSS PLEASE!!!!!
    I'm not really into lingerie…just don't like how it looks, but this stuff is PERFECT.
    I'm sure my partner would think so too 😉

    5 agree
    • Agreed!!! I usually can't STAND lingerie: most of what I've seen makes me want to barf. This is the FIRST time I've seen anything that's beyond remotely caught my attention…more, please!

      1 agrees
  2. So, I have been absolutely drooling over this outfit for honestly the last week or so. One woman's lingerie is another ladies wedding gown. I was thinking of incorporating several of these elements into my wedding outfit. So yes! Love it! Loved to see more!!!

    1 agrees
  3. I saw their ad last night and went there, rounded up the hottest shopping cart on earth and vowed HOT CORSETRY, YOU WILL BE MINE. (In a day or two.)


    1 agrees
  4. Am having my merry widow custom made by Arwen corsetry and I can't decide on fabric colors.

    So many options and textures, it's enough to drive an indecisive woman like me to frustration.

    However: these shots have certainly got me thinking that less is very certainly more… Thank you for that!

  5. Yes please! Fun ideas for things to wear under the dress, on the wedding night, on the honeymoon, or at the wedding for those who are a little more risqué would be a kickass addition! Remind us that weddings aren't all about longline bras, spanx and strapless bras.

    6 agree
    • This is exactly what I am doing 🙂 I am having a black corset, the trumpet tulle skist (for under my mermaid dress) and the fishnet thigh highs….my man is going to go bonkers!!!
      T minus 56 days ;D

  6. Honeymoon gear and even going-away outfits help round out the picture that it isn't all about the wedding itself – there is a bigger picture and more fun to be had!
    this stuff is HOT and we have definitely seen some brides with HOT wedding-wear ideas, so, yes, bring it on!

    1 agrees
  7. Hell yeah, more plus sized hotness please!

    I've been ogling this very same outfit this past week, along with all the other delectables on that site. It's so rare to find stuff that sexy (and not astronomically priced) in sizes large enough to fit the full-figured ladies.

    6 agree
  8. Absolutely! While I would love to see lots of plus-sized lingerie featured (as I am plus sized) I don't care if it is non-plus sized. I love a good sexy look. They can all give ideas!

    Thanks for showing off Hips N Curves. I LOVE their stuff.

    7 agree
  9. this stuff is amazing! I wish Hips&Curves catered to girls with big hips and busts but who are petite 🙁 Thanks for the inspirado for my first year anniversary (woot woot!) it is a Victorian sanatorium turned resort…. so PERFECT!

    3 agree
  10. I would love lingerie & stuff posts, mostly because MOAR CLOTHES PLZ. If this becomes a regular sort of thing, I would love a post for those of us who are smaller and also have giant racks (for example, I am a 32 or 34 F or G. I cannot find lingerie that fits my tits. Sadness happens).


    3 agree
  11. LOVE THIS!! And yes, more of this type please! I have trouble finding lingerie that fits my tits–even when it's "plus"-sized, it's only scaled-up-sized, and not supportive AT ALL. So, I find other ways to do "sexy" that isn't traditional lingerie, and these are all similar to some of my solutions. So, more ideas are good!

    • Have you checked out Intimacy or at least, the brands that the store carries? I took my sister there when she was worrying over what to wear to the beach because nothing fit her. She was fitted for the first time (US size 38DDDD), and we found her a very nice, supportive bikini that looks like it should be in a James Bond film. She said the price for the suit was what she would have paid for VS swimwear. The bras are more expensive, but they go on sale.

      Note though, fittings may not be for the very modest/shy because your fitter will see you half-naked. The fitters are very business-like and not timid about what they do. I think my sister and I were shocked into submission. Afterward, it was pretty funny to think about.

      1 agrees
  12. I am so down for more sexytimes clothes, and I'm nearly 2yrs married. Lingerie is awesome at any relationship stage!

    1 agrees
  13. I'd love to see more sexy-time stuff. And anything that caters to "abnormal" body shapes is a welcome addition "standard size" clothing. I'm not plus size, but I know I have serious issues finding clothes and lingerie that fit my 30" ribcage and the significantly larger space between my navel and knees.

    2 agree
  14. Yes please! Maybe a variety of sizes rather than plus size though. I'm a size 8/10 (US), and that means that I can't buy plus size (even though I love so much of that stuff!) and also that I feel self conscious in a lot of the lingerie for smaller women.

    1 agrees
  15. ooh, le awesome! unfortunately I can never find even a bra that truly fits my asymmetrical and flat-chested self. maybe someday when I'm wildly wealthy I'll get some custom-made lingerie that really shows off what I have (or don't have. sigh).

  16. When I think of sexy bridal lingerie, I usually think of Stella McCartney & Agent Provocateur. But Hips & Curves would be a great choice for a steampunk wedding. Sexy in a completely unexpected way…

  17. Yes, I would love to see some more offbeat lingerie! I'm always looking for stuff like this and it's even more on my radar now that I'm thinking about the honeymoon!

  18. I love corsets that don't have defined cups for the ladies to squeeze into, and hipsandcurves has tons of options!! As a chick 5'2" tall with DDD goodie bags it's impossible to find a corset with the appropriate cups, but these are fantastic!!

  19. YES PLEASE!!! I am just starting to look for lingerie that I will want to lounge in too, not some societally-sexy yet horridly uncomfortable getup. This is awesome.

  20. OH EM GEE

    lingerie models that look like real people? Where've you been all my life? How did I not know this was a thing?

    1 agrees

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