5 awesome reasons to register for your honeymoon with Traveler's Joy

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tj_logo_airplaneApparently we're not the only ones who dig our longtime sponsor Traveler's Joy. Since 2004, over 100,000 couples have "skipped the blender" and instead registered for a trip of a lifetime with Traveler's Joy. That's more than likely because Traveler's Joy makes it easy to register for honeymoon activities, experiences, and other items related to your first travel experience as a married couple.

Here are five reasons to register with Traveler's Joy

1. Instant Registry: You can have your complete registry done in just minutes! You can simpley choose from a list of 50 theme-based (think: beach, cruise, or mountains) or location specific (think: Italy or St. Lucia) item lists. With one sweet-ass click, items and experiences are added to your registry — you can edit or delete any item at any time or add plenty more on your own later. But for now, registry done and you can get back to planning, or working, or goofing off… whatever else you'd RATHER be doing.

Traveler's Joy users can tell you things like how to get to this beach in makena cove in Maui.
Traveler's Joy users can tell you things like how to get to this beach in Makena Cove in Maui.

2. Real Member Stories: Each year thousands of couples send Traveler's Joy their honeymoon stories and photos. With over 400 stories on the site now, the Real Honeymoon Stories section can be a total resource for you while you're planning your dream honeymoon. New Zealand, Honduras, Tanzania… you name it, Traveler's Joy users have been there and they have awesome things to tell you!

3. Group Gifts: Traveler's Joy makes it easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable portions. A camera that costs $1,000 can be split into 5 $200 gifts (or gifts of any size). Since there are many honeymoon items that can be very expensive, this has been a super popular feature.

With Traveler's Joy, you can put the Trevi Fountain on your wedding registry!
With Traveler's Joy, you can put the Trevi Fountain on your wedding registry!
4. Helpful Physical Items: Since couples are registering for increasing numbers of "accessory" items related to their honeymoon — travel guidebooks, cameras, snorkeling gear — Traveler's Joy makes them easy to include in your registry.

5. Honeymoon Tipster: This one-on-one service helps you decide where to stay after you select their honeymoon destination! After consulting with you over email and phone to learn more about your specific interests, a freelance travel writer from Traveler's Joy team (each focuses on a particular part of the world) writes a personalized and detailed report on the area you want to travel to. Since their writers aren't travel agents, the advice is 100% unbiased.

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  1. I used traveler's joy for my honeymoon and was pleased as punch, and it was awesome for the older members of my family, because you can tailor certain items. It felt as if they were purchasing things for our trip rather than just giving us money.

    13 agree
  2. We made a registry with Traveler's Joy for our wedding
    Gonna cash it all in for our trip next week, as a matter of fact

    VERY convenient! Easy to navigate, easy to redeem

    I did find it a new thing to obsess about though (did we get something? how about now? what about NOW? Not yet??!)

    2 agree

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