"Here Comes the Bride" alternatives: offbeat wedding processional songs

Photo by Velodramatic
Photo by Velodramatic
My fiancee and I are going to be walking into the ceremony together and then meeting in the middle.

As you can imagine, the traditional "Here Comes the Bride" wedding processional song wouldn't really fit us too well.

That being said, does anyone know of any alternatives to that song?

I'm open to anything!


Here we go! We've already rounded up AWESOME first dance songs and non-sappy father/daughter dance songs, now it's time to put our Offbeat Bride spin on wedding processional songs.

Here are our favorite "Here Comes the Bride" alternatives, ranging from the classic, the modern, and the totally nerdy (of course).

Classical alternatives

  • Satie's "Gymnopédie No. 1" (hear it)
  • Gustav Holst's "Jupiter, The Bringer Of Jollity" (hear it)
  • "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Symphony 9 (hear it)
  • Vivaldi's "Spring Allegro" (hear it)
  • Handel's Air From "Water Music" (hear it)
  • Mussorgsky's "Pictures At An Exhibition: Promenade" (hear it)

Variations on a theme of traditional

  • Queen's wedding march — I had to! (hear it)
  • Canon In D Remix by Ronald Jenkees (hear it)
  • Etta James' At Last (hear it)


Subtle (and sometimes nerdy) alternatives

  • "Concerning Hobbits" (hear it)
  • The Princess Bride's "Storybook Love" (hear it)
  • The Turret Opera from Portal 2 (hear it)
  • "The Shape of Things to Come" from Battlestar Galactica (hear it)
  • Sigur Rós' "Hoppípolla" (hear it)
  • "Romantic Flight" from the movie How to Train Your Dragon (hear it)
  • "Neville's Waltz" from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (hear it)
  • The Skyrim theme (hear it)
  • The theme from Braveheart (hear it)
  • Triumphal March from Aida (hear it)
  • Game of Thrones theme (hear it)

Goth and metal

  • Amhran by Leaves' Eyes — an operatic metal band from Norway (hear it)
  • Apocalyptica's version of "Nothing Else Matters" (hear it)
  • Suite Gothique by Leon Boellmann (hear it)
  • Anything from Gothic Wedding Collection by Vitamin String Quartet (hear it)


  • The theme from James Bond (hear it)
  • The theme from the Pink Panther (hear it)
  • The theme from Mission impossible (hear it)
  • "A Cadence to Arms" by Dropkick Murphy (hear it)
  • The Jurassic Park theme (hear it)
  • The Throne Room/End Title song from Star Wars (hear it)
  • The Muppets' Somebody's Getting Married/He'll Make Me Happy (hear 'em)
  • Europe's "The Final Countdown" (hear it)

Pop and rock

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow (hear it)
  • Colbie Caillat's "I Do" (hear it)
  • Adele's "One and only" (hear it)
  • The Beatles' "In My Life" (hear it)
  • Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" (hear it)
  • Cat Power's version of "Sea of Love" (hear it)
  • Tesla's Love Song (hear it)


  • Thirteen by Elliot Smith (hear it)
  • Phone Call by Jon Brion from Eternal Sunshine (hear it)
  • Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah (hear it)
  • We Are Gonna Be Friends by the White Stripes (hear it)

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  1. My cousin got married to a beautiful acoustic guitar and violin duet version of "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie. Twas pretty awesome and completely sweet.


    Also, Hallelujah isn't Jeff Buckley's, it's Leonard Cohen's. The Buckley version is just more famous.

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  3. My guy made it known that he wants Elvis's "Can't Help Falling In Love". We're both Elvis fans, the entire thing will have a retro and relaxed vibe to it anyway, my guy plays a mean guitar, and I tear up at that song so it is perfect.

    I'm pretty sure our recessional is going to be Social Distortion cover of "Ring of Fire". We both love this version of the song and it will fit the celebratory party we're going for with a bit of dancing in the aisle (now to get key guest in on it…).

    I wish I could find "Make My Day" from Saved By The Bell (you can find a clip here: http://sbtb.net/Multimedia/Video.html# ). We spent hours discussing that show when we first met.

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  4. I walked to "Walk with you" by Dispatch! The wedding party walked down during the instrumental first half, and I started walking when he started singing 🙂 it was perfect!

  5. Seems I'm Never Tired of Loving You by Nina Simone… or we will when we eventually get married. My mom passed away the day before our wedding was to take place last weekend. Needless to say we will wait a bit and try again.

  6. We were going to use the throne room theme from star wars but i think the turret opera has swung us! And i think we will use Sigor ros' hoppopla for the outgoing music as that sounds more like leaving happily than entering happily! 😀 We also intend to walk in together, seems so right for us as we feel we are entering this legal partnership as equals rather than the (what seems archaic to me) usual of the bride being given to the groom.

    1 agrees
    • I knew as soon as I heard Landon Pigg's song, I would walk down to that song!! Love it so much!

  7. "into my arms" Lisa Mitchell cover of a beautiful Nick Cave song. Especially appropriate as he comes in at the end.

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  8. While we're a lesbian couple, we're trying to keep it as tridition al as possible. We each have 5 people in our bridal parties, 7 girls and 3 guys. They'll be paired up and walking in first to Adele's "Make You Feel My Love." We will be entering from opposite sides with our fathers and meeting in the middle. Finishing our enterence together. Our bridal enterence is "I Won't Give Up On You" by Jason Mraz but we're using the Tyler Ward cover. We're getting married next weekend so in getting g really excited!

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  9. I walked down the aisle to Moon River by Henry Mancini. Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of my favorite movies, though now that I see the Storybook Love option from The Princess Bride, I wonder why I didn't choose that.
    Oh, and for the recessional we waked back up to What A Wonderful World by Joey Ramone.

  10. My betrothed is the son of a preacher man, but I also love gospel music (though I was raised non-religiously) and have hired a choir to sing Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" as I walk down the aisle. It's a dash of silly with a dash of serious, he IS the only one to reach me 🙂

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  11. My husband and I met in the middle as well and we used an instrumental/classical rendition of "Here Comes the Sun" for our processional… It was amazing! 🙂

  12. *Love Song by The Cure–the slow version how Adele does it
    *Something by The Beatles
    *The Luckiest by Ben Folds
    Untitled (Love Song) by Counting Crows (check out Romani Rye's version)
    The very thought of you (I like the Ella Fitzgerald version)

    *We are having the *'d 3 in our "processional" and walking back down the aisle (recessional) to Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

  13. My fiance and I are walking down the aisle to a piano version of White Wedding by Billy Idol, because his last name is white so it really will be a great day for a White wedding. 🙂 It was his idea and it made me laugh so hard that I had to say yes.

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  14. I just want the author of the article to be aware (And any other Bride out there). While yes "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" is the correct title and by Holst, that's a seventeen minute piece of music. When most women think of this song for a wedding they are thinking of the 'Chorale'. So ask your musicians, DJ's or google 'Chorale from Jupiter', you'll get what you're looking for. The chorale, if I remember correctly is about four minutes long. Unless of course, that is you want a 17 minute walk, lol, it could work!

    And by the by, it sounds sensational on a harp/flute duet if you can find it.

  15. My husband (already married – getting weddinged!) and bridal party will be walking in to Rainbow Connection, the new version from the last Muppets movie. I will be walking in to Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. Our recessional is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Our first dance song would also be a good processional, as it's You Are The Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne.

  16. I will be entering with Tracy Chapman's "The Promise".

    This song is particularly meaningful for us as we've had to live five years of our married lives in separate countries. This wedding will mark the end of our married life apart and the beginning of our married life together.

    1 agrees
    • OMG, I totally just started crying watching this video! My guy and I have been together 3 and a half years, but long distance the whole time. For the last two months, I've been in France while he's been in the US. I have missed him so much, and this song is just so gorgeous and exactly how I feel so much of the time. Thank you so much for posting this. I might just be using this for my processional.

  17. We are seriously considering walking down the aisle to Marvin Gaye's Stand By Me.

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  18. I walked to "Behind the Screams," by CKY. It's a beautiful guitar solo. It's also a reminder that behind every epic battle we have had, there has always been peace.

  19. I always loved the instrumental of bittersweet symphony by the verve the violins just speak to me i guess. I also like the idea of playing lets hear it for the boy- by deniece williams so all the focus wouldn't be on me as the bride but on my man too.

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  20. I skipped through some of the comments, but I haven't seen ours. The guys are entering to the theme song from Top Gun, I am walking down the aisle to "Hurricane Season" by Trombone Shorty and the recessional is "Good Lovin" by the Rascals.

  21. We had a bagpiper!!! I have no idea what he played but it was cool, and it was NOT "here comes the bride". It was something cool and Scottish. Everyone loved the piper! We also walked together, and I loved it. We found each other on our own, we are starting our life together, and it was so nice to walk down the aisle with the most important person in my life. My new husband. I love that man.

    1 agrees
    • THANK YOU! I have just been searching for his, using the terms "most awesome part of nutcracker," which surprisingly didn't work. 😉

  22. So my baby sister walked down the aisle to Requiem for a dream.. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22ut_pzoWgY ) It was actually unintentional, it was her last minute, 20 mins before the ceremony "oh crud i have the wrong playlist" substitution. But it actually ended up being kind of gorgeous. I'm getting married in 3 days and currently we are still debating back and forth between Christina Perri's 1000 years, and Iridescent by Linkin Park. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLYiIBCN9ec ) Another serious contender was just about anything from Lindsey stirling… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHjpOzsQ9YI

  23. I'm walking down the Isle to "Blackbird" By The Beatles in November this year.
    I absolutely love this song.. Some fantastic beautiful lyrics!

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  24. My favourite movie growing up was the "The Sound of Music" so I (and my bridesmaids) walked down the aisle with the same music that Maria did at her wedding in the movie (without the "How do you solve a problem like Maria?" bit)

  25. My husband and I are both LotR nerds, so our procession was a medely of Shire themes (http://youtu.be/dYhRGV8-kMw) and we left to Conserning Hobbits. We would have used Conserning Hobbits as the processionl song, but it was a little too short, so we just faded the Shire medely when everyone was in place.

  26. We decided to do a Queen theme for our ceremony. We are having their song "Processional" for folks to walk into, then we are walking down the isle together to their version of "The Wedding March" & for the recessional we are going to play the instrumental version of "Seven Seas of Rhye." We might change the last one though. My future mother-in-law suggests "Another One Bites the Dust." = NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

  27. One of my first decisions was to walk down the aisle to the Game of Thrones theme. Whee! The decision to make at the moment is: whether to have a CD of the actual theme; to have a string quartet; or to feature the awesome violin version by Jason Yang on Youtube.

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  28. We're considering a bunch of things, but here's some I didn't see mentioned (apologies if they were):

    You Make it Easy – Air http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plZAxtEEikY
    Forever – Ben Harper http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHzAVDg4m1Q
    Hooked On a Feeling – Blue Swede http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf-MAiUkO-o
    All My Love – Led Zeppelin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpJia1TrzL8 (we aren't' considering it really but my cousin used it in their wedding and it was wonderful!)
    Crazy Love – Van Morrison http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vS8GKcl9KQ
    Lovesong – The Cure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXCKLJGLENs – we'll probably use a slower instrumental version of this for the wedding brigade to enter to

  29. For the processional, our friends played an instrumental version of "Origin of Love" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hBWa3n0_-Q

    Our recessional was "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. We printed up the lyrics and turned it into a sing-along: I wil never forget how awesome it was to have our friends and family singing for us. 🙂

    2 agree
  30. We were planning on walking in to either "Music for a Found Harmonium" or "Air, a Danser" by Penguin cafe orchestra, but now that you mention "The Shape of Things to Come" I may be changing my mind…..
    Our recessional is "Love Like a Sunset" by Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix as we are having our wedding….at sunset. 😀

  31. We are walking to "Elephant Gun" by Beirut 🙂 I still don't know what the recessional song will be…

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  32. I really want Heart's Desire by Ron Sexsmith but it always makes me cry and I'm not sure I want to be already bawling as I walk down the aisle.

  33. We are considering the theme song/opening credits song from The West Wing. My only concern is that half of the guests won't know the tune…

  34. I think I found our song! The Turret Opera from Portal 2, but there's an a capella version on youtube, that's SO BEAUTIFUL. It sounds like a real opera song, and no one would know how nerdy it is! I love the "secretly nerdy" aspect of it!

    3 agree
  35. I am walking down the aisle to "The Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel, specifically during the last verse. It suits the moment perfectly. "The book of love is long and boring and written very long ago. It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes and things we're all too young to know. But I love it when you give me things. And you ought to give me wedding rings." I love the idea of walking up to a song asking for a wedding ring and then getting one!

    1 agrees
  36. There's no way I can read through all the comments to see if someone else has mentioned this, but "I'm Under Your Spell" (Tara's song from the Buffy musical) is really pretty. An instrumental version would be nice for pre-ceremony music or maybe a processional.

    1 agrees
  37. My fiance and I are kinda… dark. We are setting of entire processional to "Oh Death" the Supernatural cover

    2 agree
    • I love this! That is one of my favorite scenes of that entire season! Dark, but awesome.

  38. I will be walking down the aisle alone to show that I am making this decision of my own will and that this journey is about the two of us. the song I'm walking down the aisle to is Giving myself by Jennifer Hudon

    Here's an exerpt of the lyrics

    "Handing myself over to you
    Body and soul
    I'm giving it over
    I'm giving myself over to you"

    This is exactly how my fiancee' makes me feel ^-^

  39. We are actually not doing a recessional. As soon as the ceremony ends, I am gonna turn around and yell Alright, its time to party!" And we are gonna start the song "Radio" by Rancid. It has always been our song, basically because of the first line: "Never fell in love, till I fell in love with you, never knew what a good time was till I had a good time with you…" Since it isn't really danceable at all, I had to put it in someplace. I figured that was appropriate.

    1 agrees
  40. I've always loved Mazzy Star's Fade into You but didn't know if it's too depressing of a song.

    1 agrees
  41. If you like anime, or just like beautiful songs, listen to "Lilium," the opening theme to Elfen Lied. That's what I'm going to be walking down the aisle to. Our wedding package comes with a professional violinist, so I Googled "Lilium sheet music" and found some!

    Thanks to those that mentioned Doctor Who! I think I am going to try to surprise my husband by finding sheet music of the theme song for the recessional!

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