Hina and Kingi's Hawaiian and Maori cultural mashup wedding

Yay for offbeat Maui weddings! Hina and Kingi had one super colorful island wedding shot by Maui wedding photographer Joanna Tano. With Hina's family being from Hawaii and Kingi's family from New Zealand, this wedding is full of color, culture and love not to mention some awesome clothes! Check em out…

Hina's beautiful blue dress was designed by her Hawaiian clothing line — Kealopiko. Hina tells me, "the print on my dress is the hinano blossom… These blossoms yield copious amounts of fragrant pollen that is considered an aphrodisiac by us Hawaiians." Geez, that dress itself is an aphrodisiac for ME!

And Hina also gave me the whole scoop about what her husband Kingi is wearing…

Yes, my handsome honey is from Aotearoa. Kingi's outfit is inspired by his native Maori culture. The cloak or 'korowai' is made by his grandmother. The cloak is made entirely in the traditional technique using modern materials and feathers.

The 'taniko' belt and hat band is in the style of a traditional woven Maori design too. …The design itself is called "rau kumara" (kumara leaf) and is a repeating pattern representing abundance, alignment with nature and peace.

Kingi choose to adorn himself in a contemporary Maori style, with equal recognition to his "taha maori" (Maori side) and European ancestry. The trousers and shirt were custom tailored using boutique linen and cotton sourced from Aotearoa.

The two also exchanged necklaces instead of rings. Those carved pendants are traditional in both cultures, Hawaiian and Maori.

During the reception Hina danced a hula for Kingi. And their photographer Joanna Tano tells us that delicious Hawaiian food was served for dinner and for dessert, everyone enjoyed a jelato bar!

Head over to Joanna's blog right now to see more BEAUTIFUL photos from this wedding.

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  1. An awesome blend of two hard out cultures. Congratulations, and awesome to see my first Maori wedding on here. Ka nui te aroha ki a korua.

    5 agree
  2. Thank you for featuring this wedding. It was such an honor to photograph them and their wedding day was really special and unique – Congrats to Hina & Kingi!

  3. These photos (and the ones on the blog) are absolutely stunning. I really like the idea of exchanging necklaces as well. My FH is part Hawaiian and so we'll be incorporating his culture by exchanging necklaces. He even proposed to me with a carved pendant.

    Congrats! May you both live long lives full of hope and prosperity.

  4. This has to be one of the most amazing OBB weddings EVAH!! The couple looks stunning, and the symbolism and traditions they brought in are not only visually beautiful but make my heart all fuzzy too.

    1 agrees

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