Squeal over a handmade dress at this boho wedding in Georgia

September 9 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: Jason Hales Photography
Cute first look
Photos by Jason Hales Photography

Cleo and Aaron kept their Georgia lakeside boho wedding super simple — just as laid back and chill as they are! Friend who lives on a lake? Check. Friend who decorates events and is willing to travel with a trunk full of outdoorsy decor? Check! Super awesome other friends ready to decorate an informal outdoor wedding with logs and flowers and vines? Check and check and check.

While Cleo and Aaron were cooing over each other's awesome wedding style (Suspenders! Tattoos! Flowy lace dress! Flower crown!), their friends scoured the area for last-minute wild materials to create an altar and an aisle. And speaking of style… how breathtaking is Cleo's gown?! Her grandmother handmade it as a wedding gift. It's so sad she wasn't able to travel from Cape Town, South Africa, to see Cleo wearing it in person!

Casual bride and groom before wedding

Decorative wedding sign

Flower crown with ribbon

Bride with nose ring putting on flower crown

Bride with henna hands

Bearded groom with vest

Boho style bride with flower crown

Bearded groom with suspenders and tattoos

Flowing lace Boho wedding dress

First look I

First look II

First look III

First look hugs

Reading notes

Boho bride and groom in Georgia

Bride and groom tattoos

Flowers branches and lantern altar

Bride with lavender and full veil

Ceremony by a lake

Ceremony hugs

Wedding prayers

Saying their vows

Bride reading vows

Groom washing brides feet

Bride washing grooms feet

Bride and groom on a swing by a lake

Bride and groom with a canoe

Bride and groom porting a canoe

Casual bride and groom after ceremony

Post wedding kisses


Photographer: Jason Hales Photography

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  1. These wedding pics have so many feels. I love her dress and love even more that her Grandma made it. It's always nice to see someone being authentically them on such a big day. I may be partial as I also got married on a lake with canoes being a part of the decor, but this wedding is just lovely. 🙂

    3 agree
  2. This wedding is breathtaking….love the earthy boho style. Her dress is perfect! <3

    1 agrees
  3. Holy crap holy crap holy crap, there's another Cleo in the world that isn't somebody's cat!!! I'M NOT ALONE!!!


    Okay. This wedding is stunning! I love the effortless beauty of everything. The lakeside, the decor, that GOWN…it's all amazing.

    1 agrees

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