Set out flowering tea as a flavorful centerpiece

Photo by friends of the couple

Flowers as centerpieces = always a solid choice. They're festive, they're lovely, they're elegant. But go a step further and set out flowering tea on your reception tables like Shauna and Jeff did for their tea party wedding. The tightly balled tea flowers uncurl slowly and beautifully in hot water to make a delicious tea. Voilà. Festive, flavorful flowers for your guests to enjoy … in more ways than one!

  1. Hurrmmmmmmm… I'm going to have to send this to my decorating committee (i.e. my partner). I'm seriously a tea addict.

    ETA: I am actually drinking tea right now. Bum bum BUM!

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  2. I had bought my future mother-in-law flowering tea for the holidays and thought just this… However, my concern was that after a while (when the water cooled) the flower would wilt a bit and just start to look less beautiful and more unappealing. Does anyone know how long they actually look nice in the pot? I know once you start to pour the tea out it starts to wither so I was thinking of just doing it in a bowl.

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    • I love this idea! Curses, why did I already spend a bazillion hours making felt flowers for my teapot centerpieces? 😉

      PP, you make a good point — it would be good to test the flower wilting experience. If it did happen when the water cooled, you could put a tealight under the pot, which would have the added advantage of being pretty!

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