Make this super-easy and super-adorable Dog of Honor necklace

Marley May, our seven-year-old rescue pitbull-whippet mix has offered her services as Dog of Honor for our upcoming nuptials. She wanted a special necklace to let our guests know her important status, so I made her one with burlap, ribbon, and silk flowers. It took about an hour to make and she's so goshdarn adorable with it on, I can hardly stand it! Here's how you can recreate this Dog of Honor necklace for your own pooch…


DIY corset pattern, fitted exactly to you, with duct tape

It is completely possible to buy a pattern to make a corset for yourself, but if you have non-standard measurements, there is a decent chance that the pattern will require a high amount of alteration anyway. So why not just make a completely custom pattern, fitted exactly to you, with duct tape? I did and it has been awesome!


How to make an antique window wedding menu display

For our menus, rather than printing anything out, my future husband and I bought antique windows to display the bar and dinner menus. I am super super-pleased with how well this turned out. So I thought I'd share the step-by-step method.


Use clip-on earrings as place card holders

My very good friend's wedding was beach themed, so I thought it was appropriate to suggest using beach-y clip-on earrings on the place card holders. They continue the theme, they add stability to the cards, and they're a snap to put on!