There is no such thing as a DIY wedding

When we first got engaged, we had several long discussions about whether or not to elope and avoid the party aspect altogether. We finally decided to go ahead and throw a small party, but with one overarching principle: We were going to do the whole thing ourselves. But the flaw in our DIY system, I found, was the "Y."


Use watercolor swatches to share your wedding color scheme

I've been wringing my hands over my "dusky" wedding colors, and it's been difficult to explain to my bridesmaids what I generally had in mind. A lot of them will have to search for their dresses solo, and I think some of the girls have been nervous to just start looking without a narrower focus. So I sat down with my watercolors and metallic nail polish and started hammering out swatches…


Science-y, steampunk-y vial place cards

We're trying to make our reception tables look like the desk of a (mad?) scientist or at least a bit bookish and science-y. So these are our place cards! They're all itty bitty glass vials with a label and some contents. The label names are geeky references. The contents are mostly things from the pantry. And then we're gonna put the name cards on top.