How to propose to your "wedding crew" with pirate-themed booze-y gifts

Instead of bridesmaids or groomsmen we're having a Wedding Crew. Which, seeing as how 90% of us met via our Pirate Kickball League (underground/rebel pirate more than "yaaar!" Pirate) we thought it was fitting to go with the pirate theme for this little project. Hope this inspires you to do something fun for your crew if you have the time and the desire to do so!


DIY ribbon flowers for your bouquets, boutonnieres, decor, and more

I never counted how many ribbon roses I made before the wedding. Let's just say the number is probably somewhere in the mid-to high-hundreds, and I can now do them in my sleep! They started as something cool I wanted to have in my bouquet, and ended up being visible almost everywhere in the wedding. Here are all the different ways I used ribbon roses to decorate my wedding…


Make your own suspenders

Whether you're looking to make your own menswear accessories, or your own femswear accessories, we've got you covered. Suspenders are so chic, can be easily personalized, and are so easy to make!