How to make an obi-inspired wedding sash

A wide belt or sash can really take in and set off a dress. This obi-style belt is easy to make and lets you accessorize any look. You might be trying to coordinate a rainbow of bridesmaids with a common sash, add some extra panache to your gorgeous white ball gown, or trick out your cheetah print pantsuit; in any case, you can make this look your own with a yard of fabric.


Wedding hair challenge: the five-strand braid

Braids are awesome additions to any wedding hairstyle, adding some intricacy or just the right amount of casualness. This tutorial is for a pretty advanced braid where you'll need either fairly thick hair or some added extensions. But once you've mastered it, the look is amazing. I present to you LuxyHair's tutorial on the three four FIVE-STRAND braid!