How to turn almost anything into a freakin’ huge bow for wedding decor or fashion!

Have you ever looked a big fluffy gift bow and thought "How the hell do they make that?" Well, it turns out you can totally DIY gift bows — nice, big, fluffy ones out of almost any paper good. Once you've mastered this tutorial, you can use these custom bows as aisle décor, table settings or centerpieces, or secure them to headbands or barrettes and wear them in your hair!


Display your photo sharing info cards in a camera-shaped holder

Of course, we all want to see as many photos of our creations, friends, and family ASAP after the wedding. I love the idea of giving your guests cards that have a URL to share their photos. So I've slapped together a "some assembly required" template that, when assembled, will form a camera style "box" to hold business cards with your URL for sharing. Feel free to take the "idea" and run with it.


How to make your own Medieval seating chart

Tribesmaid Sunspirit made her seating chart with a Medieval flair. It's absolutely gorgeous, and full of details like knights, shields, mythical animals, and ye olde maps. If you wanna get your Medieval seating chart on, here's a great tutorial.