Find your wedding colors from within a photo

We LOVE getting color ideas from photos! Sometimes you end up seeing that one photo that captures the mood so well that you must have the colors for your wedding. There are fun little tools called color generators that will extract the main colors of a photo for you, allowing you to snag and save them for your shopping trips. Match your dress to a setting sun, match your ribbon backdrop to the sky… you get the idea.


Baking beauties: How to make your own wedding cake (and stay sane!)

I recently got married and I made our wedding cake. I love to bake, and I had a little previous experience making two wedding cakes with a friend, but this made it no less challenging. But making your own cake saves you a lot of money. If I wanted a cake like the one I made, I would have had to pay about £300-400.

So here are my tips for anyone who is thinking about making their own cake. It's totally possible… pinkie promise!