Dressing up the gun show: How to add a rolled cuff embellishment to a men’s shirt

Long sleeves aren't always a good plan for a man's shirt. Most nice dress shirts seem to come in that too short or too long sleeve, which makes my husband nuts. Rolling the cuff can look messy as the night goes on, but here's a way to find the sweet spot on sleeve length and make it appear effortless. Altering a shirt this way makes a button-down more comfortable for the laid-back guy looking to dress up the gun show.


How to make an obi-inspired wedding sash

A wide belt or sash can really take in and set off a dress. This obi-style belt is easy to make and lets you accessorize any look. You might be trying to coordinate a rainbow of bridesmaids with a common sash, add some extra panache to your gorgeous white ball gown, or trick out your cheetah print pantsuit; in any case, you can make this look your own with a yard of fabric.