Singing the praises of Fluevog wedding shoes

Yes, we do love John Fluevog shoes— we've featured so many pairs of Fluevogs on the site that we have an entire archive dedicated to them. I've been obsessed with Fluevogs since the '90s because, unlike most heels, I can actually walk in them. You might be obsessed with them for different reasons… because they're wonderfully weird? Clunky and amazing? Actually made for being resoled and worn for years? Yes, all these things and more. Also, pro-tip: while Fluevogs are on the higher-priced side of things, you can find some amazing deals on eBay.


Inspiration for your DIY wedding shoes

So you've decided DIY wedding shoes are the way to go for you? That's awesome! We have several great tutorials about how to DIY your wedding shoes, but sometimes you need a little inspiration for your efforts. Today I'm going to wrastle up commercially-produced designer shoes that I think the more crafty among you could get some great DIY wedding shoe ideas from.


Who says mary jane shoes can't be for weddings?

Wedding shoes are a weird thing… there's a lot of focus on SUPER FANCY! SO MUCH SPARKLES! MASSIVE HEELS! I try to combat some of that on Offbeat Bride with regular shoe posts focused on flats, wedges, and weirdness. If you've read the Offbeat Bride book, you may be familiar with my concept of "a smidge above," which means that while yes: lots of us want our wedding days to feel a little special and a little fancy, what "fancy" means for each of us is going to be different. For those of us on the super casual end of the spectrum, "a smidge above" daily wear may not be glittering gold platform heels with bows… it may be mary janes.


No teetering or tottering: mid-height heels for wedding days

I get it, you guys. Sometimes you want a little heel, but don't want to be teetering around on your wedding day like a newborn fawn. For you, my friends, a mid-height heel might be the solution. So let's peek at a few kitten heels, a few chunky low heels, and even toss in a couple flats. Some of these go up to a size 14, so fear-not larger-footed brides!