13 wedding shoe clips to turn your cheap Payless shoes into fancy-fance footwear

For those of us working with tight budgets (or just those of us who aren't into blowing our wedding budgets on our footwear), shoe clips can be the perfect solution. You know that super basic pair of flats you got at PayLess? Or those pleather heels you got last year at Target? Slap some fancy shoe clips on that babies and behold: your fancy-fance dream wedding shoes. For this post, I curated a collection of my favorite wedding shoe clips from Etsy, but of course you can find these things all over the place including, including Amazon.

Of course, because I'm me… I arranged these in rainbow order, including a pair of rainbow shoe clips at the end YAY!


11 outrageous wedding shoes that might make your eyes bleed (in a good way!)

Any of you have been reading Offbeat Bride for a while know that my taste in wedding shoes always runs toward the VERY LOUD and VERY COLORFUL. Today I decided to stretch the limits of my own over-the-top shoe tastes (as if that were even possible!) into the stratosphere with outrageous wedding shoes that are so over the top that even I take pause, think "is it too much?," and then cackle, "NO IT IS NEVER ENOUGH." Ready for this? Have you tissues ready, because your eyes may bleed in the best possible way…


Wedding moccasins and 6 other shoes for brides who don't give a shit about shoes

I asked some Offbeat Bride readers on Facebook what I should focus my next shoe post on, and one of them said: "What about a post for brides who don't give a shit about shoes? I was one of those brides. I ended up with a pair of $19.99 moccasins. They were functional, comfortable, cheap, and got the job (aka not being barefoot) done."

You know what? This is an excellent idea.


Super cute red wedding shoes to make your toes blush

Don't let these shoes up top fool you: yes, they're sort of my favorite rainbow-y style, but this post is actually more focused on straight-up red wedding shoes without the orange and yellow. (I just couldn't resist sharing these guys… they're not cheap, but they're gorgeous!)┬áRed shoes at weddings can be a great way to get a pop of color under a more traditional white gown, or a way to take your already colorful wedding into the stratosphere.


Affordable wedding shoes with bows, ribbons, and other femmy details

For those of you new to Offbeat Bride, welcome! Let me introduce you to this thing I do every Friday, where I round up some of my favorite wedding shoes that have been making me drool this week. This week's theme is a little loose: inspired by these $19 bowed heels ($19!?!), I thought I'd do a collection of affordable wedding shoes with bows and other bits of femmey frippery. Pearls, flowers, sparkles… you know what I mean, right?

Plus, as an added bonus… the weirdest thing I found online to register for.