The latest Minted.com invitation & save the date designs y'all are loving (plus another giveaway!)

Remember last fall when we did that Minted.com post? Well, it's that time again! That slightly creepy time where I look deep into the bowels of my affiliate sales reports to see which Minted.com invitation designs y'all are loving the most.

I know lots of you are picking your invitations now, so let's take a peek at the invitation designs that are getting Offbeat Brides the most excited this spring. PLUS, as an added bonus, I've got info from Minted about how you can enter to win $300 worth of FREE invitations.


Free Valentine's Day printables from Love vs Design (with bonus link for V-Day haters)

It's no secret that I'm making sweet eyeball love to Love vs Design's stuff these days. Their wedding invitation designs sorta crept up on me from out of nowhere and I've been crazy digging on their stuff. But I'm actually not here to talk about their wedding invitation designs (although if you're in the market, you should totally check them out). Today I'm just sharing a link to their FREE Valentine's Day printables, which you can totally print at home to give to your sweetie. If you like that whole vintage Valentine vibe, these are pretty much poking you in the butt right now, being like "Download me, download me. It's free…"


Pass your copy of the Offbeat Bride book to newly-engaged friends

It's come to my attention that several Offbeat Brides have started a "Sisterhood of the traveling book" project, wherein they pass a single copy of my book Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides from newly-engaged friend to newly-engaged friend. Here's the purchaser of the book, Ellie, explaining how the tradition got established (spoiler: it was her husband's idea!)…