Sandals on your feet, and a smile on your face

Show of hands, here: who's planning a beach wedding? Or having a casual wedding in their backyard? Or who isn't getting married at all and is just lurking looking for cute shoes to wear this summer? (My fellow not-engaged shoe fiends, I know you're out there. Lurking. Watching. Waiting. Breathing heavily.)

Well, for all y'all, today is a good one because we're going to digitally fondle some sandal-type footwear.


I still have NEVER seen anything like these Wexford Jewelers wedding rings

The first time I introduced you to our sponsor Wexford Jewelers I said "I work for a wedding blog, I see a LOT of jewelry — and I have NEVER seen anything like Wexford Jewelers designs." That was two years ago, and it is still true today. Come look, drool, covet, fall in love, and find your wedding bands, as we explore some their one-of-a-kind jewelry collections that'll never leave you side-eyeing your ring, and keep you just as infatuated with it, year after year…


Going up? Platforms to add a little height to your wedding day

I'm a sucker for a platform. Is it because I came of age during the height of the '90s club kid stacked platform fad? Is it because I love being taller, without being up on my toes? Is it because of all the colors you can cram into the extra square inch-age of shoe material? No clue, you guys… but I love platforms.

In this post, I've got everything from high heeled platforms to flatforms with almost no heel-height differential. You ready? BE READY.


Epic, zombie-loving, gay-friendly wedding photography by Arizona's DePoy Studios

Bad-ass, epic, sick, fantastic, amazing… these are the words that have been used to describe DePoy Studios. What kind of photography team can inspire such epic verbosity? Cristina and Deloris, the owners and photographers of the Chandler, Phoenix, and Flagstaff, Arizona-based sponsor who love their jobs as much as they love their couples — that's who. In fact, the key to their great work is that love connection, and nothing makes an offbeat couple fall in love with a photographer more than open-mindedness and special discounts…