5 amazing Northeast wedding venues (AND a Black Friday deal from Alysha Yoder!)

Our girl, Pennsylvania-based Alysha Yoder, has everything we'd want in a kick-ass wedding photographer. She's also seen some epic Northeast wedding venues from comic book stores to wineries to hotels in the style of The Shining. Let's talk about a few of her favorite venues where she's photographed weddings and how her skills will translate into making YOUR wedding photos ultra magical. OH: and there's a special Black Friday deal in store for you, too.


Inspiration for your DIY wedding shoes

So you've decided DIY wedding shoes are the way to go for you? That's awesome! We have several great tutorials about how to DIY your wedding shoes, but sometimes you need a little inspiration for your efforts. Today I'm going to wrastle up commercially-produced designer shoes that I think the more crafty among you could get some great DIY wedding shoe ideas from.


Weird and awesome ideas for your wedding registry

As some of you may know, I'm not just the Managing Editor of Offbeat Bride, I'm also the Managing Editor of our sister site, Offbeat Home & Life. Offbeat Home is where I geek out over home goods, decor, and gifts. I thought I'd round up some of my favorite home goods and serve them up to you as weird and awesome ideas for your weird and awesome wedding registries.


Everything you need for the most bad-ass zombie-themed wedding (axes included!)

Boys and girls of every age, you might be planning a zombie-themed wedding. And if you are, you're our Halloween heroes. If you're looking for that perfect zombie pin-up button, blood-spattered heels, zombie cross-stitch pattern, zombie guestbook poster, braaaaains tie, we've got a GIANT list of 40+ zombiefied wedding goodies for your very own zombie-themed wedding needs. Let's get to eating I mean reading.