15 heart shoes to give you a heart-on (HAR HAR) on your wedding day

I went and trawling for heart shoes, and found the full range — from loud 'n' proud to understated. Some of these shoes are subtle, with hearts on the soles or heart-shaped buckles. Others of them are more obvious, with their hearts on their sleeves (AARGH! How could I not make that joke?).


A unity ceremony with glass and 2100 degrees of heat: you're going to want to see this

What if I told you that you can take a unity ceremony to a seriously higher level by crafting up your own custom, totally unique, and handcrafted piece of artwork derived from those ingredients in your unity ceremony that will last forever? Just choose your colored glass crystals, the style of sculpture you want, add 2100 degree molten crystal… and get ready to lose your shit. Let's see how it's done with our sponsor, Unity in Glass.


Proposing tips and ring ideas with Brilliant Earth's Artisan Collection

It's January, kiddos, and you know what that means: ENGAGEMENTS GALORE! Either you're recently engaged, planning to be soon, or at least seeing them roll in on Facebook. Either way, a fun time is in store. Here are some of our favorite tips for making your proposal rad as hell, as well as some amazing rings to share from Brilliant Earth, too.