Charities, homemade meals, and day-of help: SoKind is a wedding registry of a seriously different flavor

A lot of our readers are attuned much more to not acquiring a bunch of stuff due to being already established, more into recycling and charitable giving, and being generally more, well, offbeat in their gifting views — whatever they may be. SoKind is a registry with options for charitable donations, child care, household help, cooking lessons or homemade dinners, volunteer hours for an organization, carbon offsets, handmade artwork, day-of event help, and even secondhand gifts.


Transcend decades and off-the-rack dresses with Mischelle Jillene's custom gowns

Guess who I met at Lovesick in Los Angeles — Miss Mischelle of Mischelle Jillene Custom Gowns. I'm a born-and-raised Los Angeleno, so I'm always happy to gush over local sponsors! Especially when they are super-talented dress designers, and dress re-designers.

Yes, I said "re-designer" — you're gonna love that. But first, let's talk about the ways Mischelle Jillene can assist you in all your dress needs…


Vintage-ish t-strap wedding shoes

So you want vintage-ish, but new. You want heels (or maybe flats?). You want some strappiness. And of course, you want some color. Today I'm going to dabble in t-strap heels and flats, which can help you out on all these accounts. Below you'll find a few of my current favorites, including a surprising number of t-strap Oxfords, which always give a bit of a sexy librarian feel to a wedding day…