6 tips for designing your own custom wedding ring with Joseph Jewelry

We love custom options and making something standard into something that is totally YOU. We see custom dresses all the time, and we pretty much know how that all works; but when it comes to a custom engagement or wedding ring, it starts to get a little hazy. We've partnered up with longtime best custom jewelry-making pals, Joseph Jewelry, to see what a custom ring entails and how we can make it a REALLY fun and creative experience.


Narrow wedding shoes

You know I like to do special needs shoe posts now and then… larger shoes, smaller shoes, wide shoes, shoes for folks with disabilities, wide calf boots, etc. But one special kind of foot-need I've never done is NARROW shoes. This is not a special foot-need I have any personal experience with, so apologies in advance if I screw this one up. I'm doing my best here… finding fabulous and funky-ass footwear available down to width 4A.


DIY these Totally Awesome Boom Box wedding invitations from Download & Print

I’m Anna Skye from Download & Print and I share printable wedding invitations. I had such fun sharing my Vinyl Record invitation with Offbeat Brides that I’m back with a new invitation, new musical era, and new free template just for you!

Psst: If '80s glam isn’t your thing, read to the bottom to get details on having a custom invitation suite designed for you for FREE by yours truly…


Cads About Matrimony is the ONLY wedding game you'll want to play (sorry, toilet paper dresses)

After seeing how popular the $5 print-it-yourself version was, Tribesmaid Ailea started a Kickstarter for a pro version, and (thanks in part to you guys) got fully funded! So now you can buy that sexy, sleek, box of wedding snark fun instead of having to find a working printer (because, if you're like me, that task is A LOT harder than planning a wedding). Let's take a peak inside the sexy sleek box from our sponsor Cads About Matrimony…


Put a bow on it: adorable wedding shoes with big ol' bows

True story: when I was a sophomore in high school, I covered a pair of PayLess pumps in emerald green glitter-glue, and then stapled huge enormous white-wired ribbons on to the fronts. These shoes were WAY over the top for Bainbridge High School's prom in 1992, but I was super into the look, and still am. So today, I'mma wrastle up some wedding shoes with bows.