Singing the praises of Fluevog wedding shoes

Yes, we do love John Fluevog shoes— we've featured so many pairs of Fluevogs on the site that we have an entire archive dedicated to them. I've been obsessed with Fluevogs since the '90s because, unlike most heels, I can actually walk in them. You might be obsessed with them for different reasons… because they're wonderfully weird? Clunky and amazing? Actually made for being resoled and worn for years? Yes, all these things and more. Also, pro-tip: while Fluevogs are on the higher-priced side of things, you can find some amazing deals on eBay.

Create your own unique wedding jewelry with iROCK Jewellery

If you love the idea of making your own custom wedding jewellery, but don’t have the time or skill to do it, our sponsor iROCK Jewellery is going to make your freaking day. Whether you want to match your wedding color scheme, create a unique piece that shows off your individual style, or find the perfect gifts for your wedding team, keep scrolling to see your choices from iRock's custom bling and their ready-made goodies. Then take advantage of their special discounts…


Open thread: What were your favorite wedding gifts?

We know a lot of y'all just got married. (Congrats, and thanks for still hanging out with us!) So here's a fun post-wedding related question, one of our readers recently asked… "Totally materialistic post: What was your favorite wedding gift? Most unique? Most creative?" Ooh ooh, I'll start…


9 uncommonly beautiful, non-traditional engagement rings from Brilliant Earth

Ho-lee-smokes! Our longtime sponsor, and socially responsible jewelers, Brilliant Earth has some brand new designs, and I'm in freaking sparkly magical love with them. The new styles in their Avant Collection have unexpected details, like rose cut diamonds, aquamarines, and unique bezel settings. Or as Brilliant Earth puts it, "Extraordinary designs for the non-traditional bride."

Let's check 'em out together shall we…