Want an amazing photographer to shoot your offbeat wedding for free? New England's Justine Johnson could make that happen…

Our sponsor Justine Johnson Photography caters to non-traditional weddings primarily in the fact that she is just super PSYCHED about them. Justine's goal is to capture the love, the joy, the utter ridiculousness of your whole day… and to do so in an unscripted and unobtrusive way. Your goal? Well, it should be to enter the contest that may hook you up with all this Justine Johnson goodness for FREE on your wedding.


46 pairs of wedding day flats

I steadfastly believe that the higher-heeled types shouldn't get all the fun, so today I'm going to round up a collection of 46 pairs of flats that are loud and daring — just like I like 'em. Ready for some shoes that won't make you tower over your partner or hobble through your reception? I've got everything from pointy-toed frilly stuff for the femmey-footed, to adorable color-block Oxfords, to sweet love-note themed shoes… all with almost no heel height, for your wedding day comfort.

SF's Wild About You Photography: Impressive cinematic wedding photography with a cosplay discount

Okay, so the last time we actively gushed about our sponsors Lily and Chris from Wild About You photography was back in 2012. But since then we've featured their amazing photos all the freaking time. Seriously, we're wild about Wild About You, and if you've clickied any of those linkies it's easy to see why. So let's talk about getting you some Wild About You for your wedding…


Groom shoes can be just as loud and colorful (and erm, expensive) as bridal footwear

For these fancypants types, I bring you today's post full of loud colorful formal footwear in masculine styles. Of course there's some Fluevog action in here, but I've also got some Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and some skull-covered Jeffery-West. The sad truth is that some of these shoes are really, really expensive… but they're also really, really fabulous. Even if you're just window shopping, there are styles in here to love…