These boots are made for walking… down the aisle

For me today, they do. I look at a lot of wedding pictures, and I randomly get obsessed with certain accessories… today it's boots. Brides in boots! I love them. Y'all should know me by now: I like daring (aka LOUD!!) wedding shoes, and I've geeked out a full range of boots here… including some booties.


Get your head-to-toe vintage wedding look from The Wardrobe Shop

Do y'all remember our sponsor The Wardrobe Shop — the place to find all the vintage-styles of your Downton Abbey fashion dreams? For those that don't recall: The Wardrobe Shop, and carries vintage-style clothes inspired by Titanic-era fashions, Downton Abbey, as well as Old Hollywood silent movie star fashions. Now they're back with a special promotion! But first, let's talk vintage-style fashion…