How to make your photographer feel like a friend-tographer

I'm Angie Gaul, I am an avid Offbeat Bride reader, and have been since I started planning my own wedding way back in 2007. I keep coming back because I love the community here, along with the other Offbeat Wives who still read after their weddings. I love weddings, obviously, and I love learning about people's cultures and subcultures, and I really love the respectful tone and intelligent level of commentary and discussion that Ariel, Megan, and the rest of the team work so hard to maintain.

I read the same articles you do, so I know that Offbeat Bride readers are really debating going back and forth between having a friend take their photos and a vendor. I so get this. That's why I try to offer the best of both worlds…


Wide-calf wedding boots

Let's browse some tall boots for wider calves! If you're looking for kinky boots for your athletic or plus-size calves, we're here for you. The good news is that there are plus size boots with calf fits of about 17"/43 cm to 21"/53 cm, depending on your shoe size. And if you don't fall within those sizes, there are custom-fit options, too. Despair no more and check out these wide calf riding styles, glam heels, studded leather, and slightly loud colors.


You can SO afford videography with WeddingMix (and a choose-your-own-adventure giveaway!)

Take a guess at one of the most common regrets we hear about from couples. If you guessed not getting any video footage, you'd be correct. And we also know that videography can be expensive. In comes photo and video sourcing app wunderkind, WeddingMix. We're going to talk about what they can bring to your wedding media AND a pretty spectacular giveaway that you and your crew will want to get in on.


Why we love candid moments: a top 5 countdown with Mary Cyrus Photography

I think we're all in agreement that when you get your wedding photography back after the wedding, the most fun will be had looking at all the candid shots that you didn't know were being taken. The groups photos are lovely, but it's those little moments that make it all so much more memorable… and often hilarious. Grandma shaking it on the dance floor, the bouquet hitting the ceiling, surprise ceremony bloopers — you know what we're talking about! We asked our sponsor, Texas-based Mary Cyrus, to go on a little top five journey from her 2014 weddings to see which candid moments were her favorites.


Mustard yellow shoes for delicious wedding day

Mustard isn't necessarily the most obvious wedding shoe color choice… but its more muted color can be perfect for an autumn wedding, or for those of you going for a more jewel-toned feel. Mustard says you're aiming more on the sepia end of the wedding color spectrum.

That said, I'm going to toss in a few more generally yellow shoes as well. And one pair of platforms that take the "mustard" concept into a more literal, condiment-oriented direction.