Wedding wedges

Well, it's Friday. That means it must be time for me to have my regularly scheduled freak out over wedding shoes. Little flats with big bows It's funny, because in…..


13 jewelry-free bridesmaid gift ideas

Recently a friend of mine sent out a tweet asking for gift ideas for her bridesmaids in which she added "…and don't say jewelry." Which got me to thinking, what are some good bridal party gifts for the ladies that aren't jewelry?


Buckled bridal shoes

Buckled heels, buckled boots, buckled flats. White, red, pink, silver, gold. Big heels, little heels, no heels, platforms … I tried to get a little bit of everything, always imagining how great they would look both peeking out from under a relatively traditional white gown, or as a show piece with tea length dress in some daring color.