Slightly insane (and totally amazing) wedding shoes

By now, y'all know that my taste in shoes is loud and weird. I try to tone things down sometimes because I know that not EVERYONE loves rainbow platforms as much as I do… but everyone once and a while I must indulge. Modcloth always enables these indulgences — while their shoes come and go quickly, their options are always eye-poppingly OMG. And, despite my loving of the loud, I tried to sprinkle in a few less overwhelming options here as well. (Oh and deal alert: ModCloth is having a Last Hurrah! sale, with 70% select items. Ends 10/3/11.)


One-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies & handfastings from WorldTree Community

From Scottish and Irish handfastings, to both religious and non-denominational ceremonies, Vancouver Island-based sponsor WorldTree Community will help you craft and perform the perfect wedding ceremony for you and your partner. The WorldTree Community has been preforming custom-written ceremonies for over thirty years in western Canada and central Utah, so it's clear they've got some great marrying people mojo. But more than their mojo, WorldTree has a few other key reasons that make them a slam dunk for offbeat couples. Keep reading to find out…


Stress-free wedding photography from Boston's Nelson Lauren Photography

Boston wedding photographer Nelson Lauren is the go-to for "no stress" wedding photography. We love him as a sponsor because we know he'll never give you the high-pressure pitch, no complex pricing schemes, misleading introductory offers, or lack of experience. That's simply not his style. So, what IS his style? I can sum it up for you in three words that everyone wants in a wedding vendor…


Muppets, dinosaurs, roller skates: Make your own wedding planning rules with Rebel Belle Weddings

I'm a HUGE fan of Los Angeles-based wedding planner Laura Guerrie. Laura is more than a sponsor, she's part of the Offbeat Bride family. Ariel turned to Laura to answer the "do you need a wedding planner" question, and she and I have not only worked together, but we also party together. Speaking of parties, why don't we revel in some of the OUTSTANDING offbeat weddings she's helped orchestrated — Star Wars cakes, Muppets, dinosaurs, and generous offbeat discounts await…