Black wedding shoes for your darkest fantasies

Last August I took a break from my steady stream of colorful wedding shoes to focus on black & sparkly shoes. It must be a summer thing… all that sunlight burns my heart into a blackened little crisp and all I want is DARK DARK DARRRRK and slightly kinky shoes. So this week I'm going for some somewhat fantastical black footwear. Proceed at your own peril.


Minnesota's Wedding Photography Unhinged is the answer to your offbeat Midwestern wedding prayers

Where are my Minnesota peeps!? Look what we have for you guys today. Our sponsor Candice from Wedding Photography Unhinged is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based wedding photographer that specializes in offbeat (er, unhinged?) weddings. And Candice means it. She wants to photograph your awesome offbeat weddings so much that she gives special discounts to the "really outrageous" weddings.


Get your wedding gown adorned with custom artwork from Tara Lynn Bridal

We've gushed about Tara Lynn's bridal gown designs before, but now it's time to focus in on the details. To refresh your memories, our sponsor Tara Lynn makes eco-friendly wedding gowns and suits that can actually express your personalities, as her works are adorned with custom artwork. Here are a few examples of the gorgeous custom adornments you could get with your own Tara Lynn Bridal design…


The shoes I wore to my wedding: Camper!

Week after week I do these shoe posts full of shoes I've never worn. But what about the shoes I actually wore to my wedding? Wedding shoes I can actually vouch for first hand?

My friends, I was married in a pair of used Camper Shoes.