Teeny tiny shoes that don't make you feel like a child

I've done posts for mah ladies with the larger feet, but what about y'all on the other end of the spectrum? Folks with feet so teeny-tiny that it's hard to find grown up shoes in your size? I mean, some of us might LOVE getting married in these rainbow sandals, but not all of us.

So today I'm going to dip my size 9 toe into the world of smaller-sized shoes that still feel like they were meant for a grown-ass woman planning her grown-ass wedding. These are all available in sizes 4-5, and as usual, things tend toward the loud.


Delicious wedding or engagement gifts for your favorite foodie couple

It's that time of year, folks! People are starting to invite you to their weddings, and you're starting to think "hmm, what the HELL am I going to get them?" Or maybe you're putting together your registries and thinking "hmm, what the HELL do I need?"

Never fear: Offbeat Bride is here to help you shop for those perfect gifts. Let's start off with our gift round-up for foodies. Chefs, bakers, and yummy thing makers will totally be thrilled to receive any of these items…


Atlanta's LeahAndMark: we've loved 'em for years and now they've got Offbeat Bride-only specials

Alright, sweet friends. Let's see a show of hands: who remembers when we first wrote about Atlanta's LeahAndMark's photography way the heck back in January of 2010? For those of who who have never heard of our sponsors LeahAndMark before today? GET READY. Not only do we have brain-boggling gorgeous photography to gawk at (seriously, get your Pinterest trigger fingers out and twitching), but we also have Offbeat Bride-only specials — including the very lowest rates we've seen listed for them.


Skull shoes: not just for Halloween weddings

Halloween is exactly five months from today, and I know for a fact that a cluster of you are busy planning your fabulously creepy Halloween weddings as we speak. While this is a post full of shoes that would obviously be a perfect fit for those of you planning Halloween weddings or gothtastic celebrations, I know for a fact that Offbeat Brides have rocked skull shoes at weddings that were totally NOT thematically dark.