What's so awesome about SimpleRegistry? (Hint: iPhones are involved)

Wedding registries — we love 'em! Seriously, what's not to love? You get to pick your own prezzies and fill your newly wed abode with everything you've been desperately needing. But what if what you need can't be completely registered for at, say, ONE department store? Then you gotta use a service like our sponsor SimpleRegistry –a one-stop cash registry service that enables you to add activities, experiences, and items from any retailer in the world to one easy-to-manage registry page. And here's four reasons why SimpleRegistry simply (see what I did there?) kicks ass…


5 engagement ring style tips from Brilliant Earth featuring their ethical origin jewelry

Remember when we featured a wedding band style guide from long-time offbeat sponsor Brilliant Earth? They're back with an engagement ring style guide featuring ethical origin jewelry and conflict-free diamond options. But beyond that, this guide also features ultra cool designs to fit your funky style. If you're in the market for an engagement ring, you might want to pay attention to these five tips…


Wedding flats that kick ass

Every few months I take a break from the pumps that I love to look at and instead feature the flats that we all love to walk in. Brides have all sorts of reasons for wearing flats, from comfort-hounds who don't want to end their wedding day with blisters, to taller brides who don't want to tower over their partners.

Whatever your reasons for eschewing high heeled shoes on your wedding day, I've got options for you that are just as loud and funky and "Wait, did she really think someone would wear that to their wedding!?" as my shoe posts always are. Let's get freaky flat, shall we?


Freaking out over Jeffrey Campbell shoes for your wedding

A lot of these shoes are, ah, high concept. If you're looking for timeless romanticism, look elsewhere. These shoes most definitely do NOT fit with simple weddings week. Jeffrey Cambell's shoes defy gravity, defy the boundaries of good taste, and probably defy your more conservative family members who would get a peek at this sticking out from under your dress and be all OMG!