Polka-dot pumps for your wedding toes

Today it's all about the polka dots and the heels. Polka dots always feel a little bit retro, but done the right way, they can feel classy and sophisticated, too. Peeking out from underneath an otherwise more conservative wedding outfit, they can be the perfect exclamation point at the bottom of your gown. I'm tossing in a few larger dots, and one pair of dots AND stripes shoes, but for the most part these heels are all polka-dotty all the time.


Totally custom and completely unique men's wedding bands

We got asked recently by an Offbeat Bride reader, "While on a budget, where is a good place to find unique men's bands?"

Hands down, my FIRST suggestion is to check out offbeat sponsor Gemvara. It's actually ALWAYS my first suggestion when someone wants to find unique wedding bands options. Inspired by the question, I took a fun trip over to Gemvara's website and started to create some of my favorite fun men's wedding band designs. Wanna see 'em?


Special deals with peacock & dino thrills from Washington's Hilary Mercer Photography

Our sponsor Hilary Mercer Photography gets some of the coolest clients ever — funky peacock weddings, pink hair, and dinosaur engagement pics… Offbeat couples must be attracted to the happy combination of Hilary's talent and personality. It could also be her web address, hilarymerceristhebomb.com, or her bio that starts with "You can call me Hildog" — like offbeat bride magnets!

You know what else is thebomb.com? The fact that she has two special deals for offbeat brides and the details from Austin and Sheila's peacock wedding. Click through to see them…


Three reasons why Titanium Ring Shop will rock your ring fingers

I'm pretty stoked to introduce you to our newest offbeat sponsor, Titanium Ring Shop. The Titanium Ring Shop designs and sells hand-crafted titanium wedding bands and engagement rings. I happen to be particularly smitten with them because their speciality is Hawaii-inspired designs! One of those rings just might hula its way into my shopping cart, but before I do me, lemme do you! I want to show you the three main reason why the Titanium Ring Shop is so rad.


Discounted, full-service catering for ANY style of wedding from Seattle's Shooby Doo Catering

Serving Edmonds and the surrounding area, Shooby Doo provides full-service catering, including event planning, rentals, and event staffing, which is super convenient. And their culinary creations are steps beyond blasé wedding faire, with their gorgeous and delicious dishes that look as good as they taste. (WARNING: Do not click here if you are hungry. It will make your mouth depressed.)