Get some vintage typewriter action into your wedding with As a Paper Doll

How many of you are totally in love with those vintage typewriter wedding details, but alas(!) you do not own or have access to a vintage typewriter? Our sponsor As a Paper Doll is your gateway to vintage typewriter-made wedding goodies! Maybe your not exactly sure HOW you can incorporate awesome typewritten stationery into your wedding, but you know you'd like to? Check out some more of the ways As a Paper Doll can vintage-ify your party details…


Create a super-special wedding album with Life Stories Today

Our sponsor Life Stories Today is a personal history service dedicated to preserving memories, milestones, and big life events. What does that mean for your wedding? Well, instead of most wedding videos and slideshows that only focus on the wedding day itself, Life Stories Today gets the story behind the wedding — how you met, fell in love, then got married — and turns it into a keepsake book.


Adorable wedding heels for less than $50

We all know this about super cheap shoes: some of them are designer knock-offs. Some of them aren't super comfortable or well-constructed. Some of them are available in limited quantities or are only available in limited sizes. Some of them are made under questionable conditions. But every once in a while with my shoe posts, I prioritized one thing above all other interests: are they under $50?