High tech registry gifts for the early adopting gadget lover

If you're engaged, you're probably having to start a wedding registry. If this is you, and you're not down with getting a new toaster or a handmade tea cozy, this list may be for you. That is if you're into techie goodies like speakers, keyless entry, robot vacuums, and robo toilets. Stop and smell the fresh aluminum with these sleek and fun high tech registry gifts to add to your registry. Oh, and that first item? Total wishlist for all of us, amirite?


Black Friday wedding deals make your wedding awesome & save your budget

It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeear… TO SHOP! It's Black Friday, and, once again, we have some great wedding deals for you to steal. We have adorable gifts for your bridal party, must-haves for yourself, discounts on wedding photography, clothing, and even a discount on a wedding venue in LA — one of the most expensive places to throw a wedding!

So keep scrolling and start saving…


Add these actually-exciting wedding gifts under $25 to your wedding registry

Registering for wedding gifts can be tricky. They take the right balance of "expensive shit we can't afford to get for ourselves," and less expensive things that aren't that exciting. Often the less expensive gifts just sit there. Poor little can opener, all sad and lonely on your registry list because no one thinks it's fun to gift a can opener.

The key to the less-expensive items on your registry is making them exciting and fun, but also useful. The rest of these wedding gifts under $25 are sure to make both you and your guests happy AF…