The Bish is back! Seattle photographer Carly Bish has TWO wedding photography discounts for our readers

Hold on to your various undergarments, because our sponsor, Seattle photographer (and brand new mama!) Carly Bish is back and in your face with some incredible photos and discounts. The last time she was on Offbeat Bride, she taught you how to think like a photographer on your wedding day, now we're here to tell you why you should think about Carly Bish for your wedding day.


I dare you to wear any of these shoes at your wedding

The Offbeat Empire's Vendor Relations Manager is a New Jersey babe named Tiffany who has colorful, eclectic tastes that mirror my own when it comes to skirting right along that edge of "too much in a good way" and "wait, is it just too much?" She recently shared ZombiePeepshow's shoes with me, and now it's official: I'm dying to see an Offbeat Bride rock these on their wedding day. For the rest of us who are a little less daring, ZombiePeepshow is some amazing eye candy here…


8 of our favorite alternative unity ceremonies including one that nets you a permanent piece of art

We've talked about lots of alternative unity ceremonies before, but we've got even more we wanted to collect and share with you to get your brain buzzing. This time around, we're talking about a glow stick ceremony, a baking ceremony, and even a lightsaber candle ceremony. Then we're going to show you a particularly awesome ceremony that gives you a seriously meaningful and lasting memento to keep on display.