WTF weird wedding shoes

My taste in shoes always runs toward the loud, but today I'm just going to throw caution to the wind and do a post that's all really weird wedding shoes, all the time. Because sometimes you want a collection of comfortable wedding shoes, and sometimes you just want… weirdness. Despite the odd-ball nature of all of these shoes, they're all real shoes available for real purchase.


9 pairs of Victorian-flavored boots for your pointy-toed or steampunk wedding

We recently shared a post on Facebook that featured a photo with the boots above as the illustration. Immediately a reader was like "Whatever about that post — WHAT ABOUT THOSE BOOTS." So perhaps it's time to share a small collection of Victorian boots. These could be great Neo-Victorian or steampunk wedding shoes, or maybe you just like booties with lace and pointy toes? Regardless, if granny boots are your thing… this is your post.


"Getting naked does stuff": finding yourself with body positive boudoir photography from Jezebel VonZephyr

Boudoir sessions almost always flip on a confidence switch that we just LOVE. That's why we always love partnering with fantastic and body positive boudoir photographers like Jezebel VonZephyr Boudoir in downtown Bothell, WA. Let's talk about what a boudoir session with Sara from Jezebel VonZephyr can do for not only your confidence, but also your soul. Yep, it can be that transformative. We'll also see why "Getting naked does stuff."


19 affordable wedding shoes under $50

Think your economical shoe budget can't get you big footwear fashion? AU CONTRAIRE! Under $50 is no problem. A small caution with super cheap shoes: some of these are going to be designer knock-offs. Some of them might not be the most comfortable or well-constructed. Some of them are available in limited quantities or are only available in limited sizes. For this post, I prioritized price point over all other interests. So if you're looking for fabulous, offbeat bridal footwear that's going to make your feet look sweet for the afternoon you get married, this is your post.


3 ways San Francisco-based 43rd Ave. Photography will bring out your wedding's inner mojo

Finding photographers who are open to your ideas (offbeat or otherwise), can capture real moments in your wedding that aren't just staged group shots, and know how to interact with you and your guests is SO valuable. That's why we especially love Nicole and Stephen from 43rd Ave. Photography. Let's talk about our top 3 ways these guys totally rock your wedding journalism-style to capture all of its (and your!) personality.