Karen & Michelle's "love, joy, and happiness" blue celebration of love

Blue details, a blue dress, a blue vest, and touches of red… this multi-hued wedding is something fabulous to look at, but also something that may get your tear ducts going. This pair shines in every shot. Their April wedding may not have been a legal ceremony, but a little miracle happened and well, you'll just have to see how it all went down after that.


Lisa & Adam's Southern gothic nerdy wedding

These two gothically-inclined cuties totally know how to combine TARDIS cookies with elegantly dark decor, sweet vows with a gorgeous stage ceremony, and Southern charm with grace in the face of grief. This wedding had its share of challenges, but the end result was something to be admired. Oh, and just wait until you see how the father/daughter dance ended up one of the funniest moments!


Krys & Kayla's fairy tale castle wedding

When the bride told her groom that she had always wanted a fairy tale-style wedding in a castle, this groom didn't hesitate to do everything in his power to make it happen. And happen it did. Get ready for a fabulous castle venue, super helpful family (and hairstyling clients!), and a yummy list of food to round out this gorgeous day.


Jennifer & Steve's muddy race to matrimony

Not everyone dreams of slogging for seven miles of muddy obstacle terrain in a big dress on their wedding day, but this bride knew it would be a bad-ass memory. She and her groom trekked the Super Spartan Race for 7.1 miles in their heavy, hot finery, to end on a romantic ceremony covered head-to-toe in mud. Ah, dirty dirty love.


Karina & Taylor's vintage style, music, and zombies wedding

This music-loving pair reunited at a concert and got engaged at a concert! Music is in their bones. But don't forget their love of vintage style and of course… zombies! It's a wild mix of styles that all seem to make total sense once you see it. Their solution to a grounds mishap on the venue property is pretty genius. But don't miss the adorable hot air balloon centerpieces and Shaun of the Dead cake, too. It's uh… got a little red on it.


Kimberly & Thor's hiking adventure on a cliff at sunset

Hiking a mile and a half with your nearest and dearest probably isn't for everyone, but this outdoorsy pair and their awesome family and friends took on the challenge. And boy, was it worth it! We're talking cliff views, trees everywhere, and a picnic and lawn games reception. Plus, there's a gorgeous video that'll take your breath away. Oh, and don't miss the special message written in sandwiches!