Zombies, Vikings, and a hawk: Shelley & Eric know funny weddings

with two comedy writers getting hitched, there's bound to be hilarity in store. Get ready for a zombie processional (including the bride taking them down with an AX BOUQUET), a getaway GamerBUS full of consoles, a Viking sword exchange, a hawk ring bearer, and Chipotle catering. Plus, prepare for an amazing idea to collect money for your honeymoon or charity at the reception!


Jessica & Mikel's private, sweet, and playful wedding

So maybe these two ran into two other couples trying to get married under the same tree… when you see it, you'll understand why. This backdrop is idyllic to say the least. Get ready for colorful hair, sweet and serendipitous vows, a funfetti cake everyone can agree on, and a tiny ceremony followed by brunch.


Lacey & Jason's feminist Jewish mountain feast and dance party

If you're in the mood to be dazzled by smiles and tender moments, this wedding is the balm for your soul. The whole ceremony is a montage of moments that could be scripted, but we totally guess that they weren't! These two are just that adorable. Come see the choreographed dance, wedding party entourage, and amazing scenery.