Mandy & Eric's silly and geeky dance party

Hitchhiker's Guide, Game of Thrones, and zombie references all wrapped up in a joke-filled (and super meaningful!) ceremony and dance party — that's our kind of fun. Plus, you just might love their wedding party alternative at the ceremony. Oh, and don't miss the really good advice on how to mingle with the guests at the reception!


Colleen & Delsin's Old Hollywood food truck wedding

A killer movie theater venue, some 1920s fashion, and a recessional with a marching band — get ready for this Old Hollywood good time. And just wait until you read the bride's description of the ceremony entrance. Talk about a way to get us all excited about aisle-walking! But best of all… there is a giant, 40-person karaoke battle to none other than Meatloaf.


Caitlin & Patrick's New York City Jazz and Art Deco wedding

A gorgeous green bouquet, succulent favors, a Jazzy venue, and a cameo from our own developer, Kellbot — this New York City wedding is the balm to our rough days. Plus, their friends' video salute is one of the funniest we've seen. And just wait until you see how their portrait session was interrupted! Hint: it was a really sunny day!


Steve & Kimberly's "sports bloggers in love" boat wedding

Rare is the time we get a sports-themed submission written by a Tribesdude! It was extra special since it merited a few legit happy tears during the "last dance" section. Come enjoy the boat venue, sweet H.P. Lovecraft-infused ceremony, whiskey ceremony, and impromptu karaoke session. Oh, and wait until you see what the bouquets were made of!


Stephanie & Joe's books and rock 'n' roll castle wedding

Get ready for a gorgeous castle, a handmade winter cape (made by mom!), a lovely moment between the bride and her father, and lots of handmade goodies and details. Add in the book and rock elements and you're in for a super personalized good time. Oh, and just wait until you hear about their surprise hit: the HAIR BAR! I mustache you to look for it…