A bejeweled reception dress, pink bow tie, and a natural updo that took our breath away at this Maryland wedding

Meroë and Ghislain spent much of their relationship at a distance, but it was all worth it to see this chic and fabulous Maryland wedding with the bride's amazing updo and colorful reception dress, and the groom's adorable pink bow tie. Their guests came from all over (Cameroon, Niger, France, England, and Canada) to share in the magic. Grab some champers and take a peek at these two elegant love birds at their Maryland wedding. Just wait until you see the emotional response to their vows.


This is what happens when two park rangers get married in Maine's fall colorsplosion

How perfect is a crisp autumn day in Maine for a park ranger wedding? Josh and Toni are both national park rangers, and they managed to score near-peak fall color for their wedding in Maine last October.

I've got a couple things here I really want you all to notice. First, let's talk about those adorable pinecone cake toppers. This is a DIY no-brainer right here. The pinecones are even wearing tiny little ranger hats, areyoukiddingme!


A femme and a suit-wearing dreamboat have a must-see vegan Jewish wedding

"Tambourines. Fireball whiskey. Surprise crash by Daniel Kahn. Re-writing hetero Zionist wedding songs to be homo and diasporic." This pair celebrates their non-gendered and gendered choices alike, as they were all about their own authenticity. Don't miss the handmade skirt that made us swoon, the amazing rustic decor, beautifully chosen and customized Jewish traditions, and so so so much love in every photo.


When Star Wars and Back to the Future met for Rachel & Matthew's wedding

A surprise Delorean time machine for the groom, a processional with Darth Vader for the bride, a custom kitty-loving cake topper, and so many Stormtroopers — this geeky wedding is stealing our hearts. Back to the Future and Star Wars have never looked so good together. Don't miss the bride's adorable Irregular Choice shoes, the movie-themed centerpieces, and the Zumba dances at the reception.