Barbara & Ned's vintage travel wedding will give you wanderlust

This pair knew that they wanted to have a wedding that was a reflection of their love for travel. The groom wanted a wedding on the water, and the bride wanted a barn wedding, so they chose a renovated warehouse on the Hudson River to combine both of the elements. What transpired is pure vintage travel bliss.


Risa & Jon's purple-corseted, gender-quirked, barefoot wedding

This pair wanted to have everything either be reused or reusable, including their AMAZING outfits. They also wanted an event that reflected their maker-style, love for public areas and green space, and geeky aesthetic. So they ended up with a melange of aspects from wine and beer making, the NYC subway, and science-fiction and fantasy.


Helenia & Jerry's "Enchantment Under the Sea" Back to the Future wedding

Remember the "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance from Back to the Future? This wedding totally captures the spirit of that with the sea-themed decor, light-up shoes, OUTATIME license plate, and Back to the Future cake topper and centerpieces. It's a wedding straight out of time. Don't miss the cookie favors, rock wish ceremony, and awesome photo booth blow-up props.


Get ready to swoon at Lizzy & Derek's rainbow hair and mohawk at their gorgeous wedding

It's not going to be hard to entice you to look at this wedding when the bride looks this glorious. Rainbow hair, a fabulous purple dress from Wedding Dress Fantasy, and a groom with a mohawk. Even the bride's dad sported a little purple hair streak. But that's not all there is to see. Don't miss the concert venue, the budget-saving tips, and the awesome advice to prevent you from forgetting your vows.