Briana, Joshua, & Tony's stories and songs love triangle wedding

With this wedding, we're getting a two-fer: a legal ceremony between a bride and a groom, and a handfasting ceremony between that bride and groom and their partner. It's all about the tear-y groom, the cake-saving groom, the bride in a gorgeous blue dress, and three people totally in love. And don't miss the tears-welling-like-mad triple kiss!


Domenica & Brian's wicked All Hallow's Eve wedding

It's our favorite week for spooky, gothic, and horror-themed weddings — it's HALLOWEEN WEEK! Today we're spying a wedding full of Halloween goodies, a glam-as-hell purple reception dress, and a super meaningful ceremony from which you'll definitely want to take notes. Don't miss the R.I.P. on the cake!