Shannon & Fran's 1920s era vegan-friendly potluck wedding

A 1920s-inspired wedding… but not in Gatsby style? Hell yes. This couple embraces their more humble beginnings with an intimate and laid-back celebration like their grandparents might have had. This included some vegan-friendly pot luck, old timey penny candy, vintage-style dresses and pocket watches, and super chic lavender and wheat bouquets.


Leanna & Matt's Poe-inspired New York wedding

A librarian weds a book seller with Edgar Allan Poe details and a post-reception jaunt to a comic book store in Times Square? That's some major book nerdity for this week's Bookish weddings theme. This destination New York City wedding may have had everyone running late, but the scenery and city lights made it all worthwhile.


Lisa & Dan's gamer geeks in love wedding

Gamers, designers, and chefs to the core, these two knew what they each could contribute to their homage to geekery and capitalized on it for excellent DIY. Combining very rational vows with funny vows was the key to making sure their guests knew just who they are and what they mean to each other. So take a peek at this gamer wedding with some really good advice on using online vendors!


Liz & Elly's queer trans lesbian secular church wedding

These two initially didn't know they were planning their wedding on Transgender Day of Remembrance, but they ended up embracing the overlap with a moment of silence and a hymn in honor of the day. They also stuck to their guns when they decided to keep this celebration very small. But there was one member of the wedding party who had to be there: their dog!


Karen & Jennifer's queer Hindu and vintage fashion wedding

While these two ladies had only expected a tiny ceremony, their friends and neighbors hijacked the day with the local media and well-wishers, a giant balloon arch, and a champagne lunch. Their son added some major adorable points with his violin, and one of their witnesses had me in tears with her infectious sobbing. Guh. I've never seen so many huge, permanent smiles.


Melaina & Nick's colorful playful and kid-friendly wedding

After hiring him to color her comics, he colored her world. D'aw! And a theme was born: color! That, along with everything playful and awesome, makes this artsy and geeky wedding a feast for the eyes and fun for all ages. Though a few mishaps were born of Hurricane Irene, somehow it all came together in the end.


Nancy & Chris' electric ethereal fiery wedding

With a Burning Man ethic firmly in tow, this pair longed for a wedding with atmosphere — places to chill, awesome electric house music, and lots of spirituality. What they delivered was exactly that. Plus, they had fire dancers, which always makes the night complete.


Julie & Tom's sci-fi and carnival-inspired treehouse wedding

Snow cones, vuvuzelas, high school students doing historical readings, dressed up dogs, 10-mile runs in wedding garb, a treehouse ceremony, Doctor Who… dude, it's even fun typing it out! Lots of interests, lots of DIY, and lots of awesome. The bride doesn't even mention that there was a milkshake bar, which I totally spied on the menu. What!