Jennifer & Brian's vintage Halloween-infused October wedding

The bouquets were made from pages of Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Red Riding Hood. The cake topper was a miniature zombie family. The place cards were actual TOE TAGS! And then… in classic horror movie style, all the lights went out during the reception! It wasn't intentional, but that is one way to spook out your guests at a Halloween wedding. Just wait until you see what movie prop they used as a guest book!


Brooke & Jon's elegantly 8-bit Mario wedding

These two super gamers embraced Super Mario for a pretty damned super, 8-bit-inspired wedding! We're talking a Mario photo booth complete with props, fire flower bouquets, homemade cupcakes, and even the bride's kick-ass 1-Up nails! Plus, you'll love their card box. Let's just say it involves a piranha plant and some special effect noises.


Kate & Jonathan's barefoot in the Shire book-geek wedding

This book-loving, Shire-hopping couple knows how to harness the power of their friends and family. And it all resulted in one super adorable wedding day. Prepare yourself for what might be the awesomely geekiest handfasting we've seen. From book bouquets to a frozen flower disasters, there is much to see. Just watch out for the carrot cake hedgehog murder!