Sara & Chris' 1920s haunted adventure club wedding

Who says you can't have a romantic wedding surrounded by Frankenstein, The Elephant Man, and a haunted 1920s vibe? Harnessing the powers of officiant Rev D and pulling out some super chic '20s fashion, these two had a funny, scary, and personal party with their nearest and dearest.


Nicole & Josef's intimate gothic backyard wedding

Gothic details, a shimmery black dress, lots of skulls, and a sweet little backyard tent for all the loved ones. There was a lot of DIY, and with it, some sage words of advice about self-catering. But our favorite part has to be the story of the father/daughter dance surprise. Get your hanky!


Liv & Dan's Polish vegan wedding in a castle

Pink details and crystal bling meets castles and Cthulhu. Add in some traditional elements and a bit of Game of Thrones, and you've got a crafty, DIYed wedding to make everyone have a good ol' time. And then there's "Shenanigans Box" and a Stay-Puft Marshmallow man with which to contend. We may not make it out of here, but we'll go down dancing!


Hannah & Chuck's self-uniting historic boat wedding

We're on a boat for this one, folks, and the trip is well worth it. We've got two fabulous gowns, a groom styled after a dapper character from Rock Band, groomsmen dancing to the Power Rangers theme, and the sweetest ceremony reading story EVER. Oh, and just try not to be jealous of the unplanned fireworks show during the reception!