Kate & Jonathan's barefoot in the Shire book-geek wedding

This book-loving, Shire-hopping couple knows how to harness the power of their friends and family. And it all resulted in one super adorable wedding day. Prepare yourself for what might be the awesomely geekiest handfasting we've seen. From book bouquets to a frozen flower disasters, there is much to see. Just watch out for the carrot cake hedgehog murder!


Aliya & Michael's authentic homage to life beyond “meh” wedding

These two are self-actualizing superheroes who know how to throw a party that means something to them, even managing to bring in their passion for social justice. Plus, it's got some amazing details: gorgeous red dress, awesome rustic centerpieces, sweet ceremony readings. And you definitely need to see how the groom pranked the bride at the reception. Hint: All the Single Ladies would totally get it.


Jessica & Josiah's space-themed breakfast-for-dinner wedding

Space: the final wedding frontier. Or you know, a pretty rad frontier with lightsabers in the photo booth, star-covered custom Converse, handmade vanilla extract favors, and breakfast for dinner. It's like these two read my mind. Oh wait, there's a donut tower, too? Let's be best friends, awesome cafe wedding in Maine.


Angelina & Bobby's rainy Parkour wedding

You know about Parkour, right? These two met doing it, fell in love, and totally integrated their mutual hobby into a homemade obstacle course to the altar! We're talking vaulting blocks, cat leaps, and eight-foot blocks. Is there any better analogy for the trials of marriage and life? I'm thinking these two are pretty damned prepared for it. Oh, and do not miss the Parkour cake!


Lauren & Marco's offbeat lite Filipino American wedding

This pair wanted to mix some traditions with offbeat ways. So get ready for traditional Filipino food, invitations, barongs, and 35 sponsors! They also opted for a Unitarian ceremony, which presented its own challenge for the bride's Catholic family. You'll definitely want to heed her advice when it comes to that. So head in and ogle the gorgeous Wai-Ching and Unique Vintage dresses, the purple glow-y tent, and the choreographed first dance story.