Jen & Mike's Harry Potter-esque crafty potluck wedding

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow, Part 1 comes out today and since I can't see the movie until my parent's come into town in a few days, my Harry needs MUST be filled. And filled they are with Jen and Mike's Harry Potter themed wedding! There's Honeyduke's sweetshop, The Three Broomstick Bar, and tables named after Potter places like The Leaky Cauldron and The Hog's Head.


Caitlin & Rob's Help! A Nom-Monster Ate Our Wedding!

After six years together (four of which were spent mostly apart due to Rob's Army enlistment and Iraq deployment) Caitlin & Rob finally decided to get married. They both donned their best converse and rocked out at Caitlin's grandparents' property overlooking the ocean in Maine!