Melaina & Nick's colorful playful and kid-friendly wedding

After hiring him to color her comics, he colored her world. D'aw! And a theme was born: color! That, along with everything playful and awesome, makes this artsy and geeky wedding a feast for the eyes and fun for all ages. Though a few mishaps were born of Hurricane Irene, somehow it all came together in the end.


Nancy & Chris' electric ethereal fiery wedding

With a Burning Man ethic firmly in tow, this pair longed for a wedding with atmosphere — places to chill, awesome electric house music, and lots of spirituality. What they delivered was exactly that. Plus, they had fire dancers, which always makes the night complete.


Julie & Tom's sci-fi and carnival-inspired treehouse wedding

Snow cones, vuvuzelas, high school students doing historical readings, dressed up dogs, 10-mile runs in wedding garb, a treehouse ceremony, Doctor Who… dude, it's even fun typing it out! Lots of interests, lots of DIY, and lots of awesome. The bride doesn't even mention that there was a milkshake bar, which I totally spied on the menu. What!


Mich & Dan's gothic Transformers and cupcakes wedding

Tribe moderator Mich has a flair for DIY and it totally shows in her handmade dress, fascinator, shawl, bridesmaid dress, and 1000 paper cranes! And that's not even listing everything. The rest of the story involves Transformers, gothic red and black details, and some of the sweetest dance moves, including a man-on-man Dirty Dancing lift.


Corinne & Mike's Motown and movies Irish wedding

Tons of DIY, an awesome first look with which we had to tinker, a mashed potato bar, an all-Motown-all-the-time reception, and a favorite movie theme means lots of amazing personal touches. Plus, the bride saves the day with a bridesmaid dress snafu. Fair warning: get your tissues ready for their favorite moment.


Heather & Diane's snowy mountain lodge wedding

This pair focused on the places and tokens that meant the most to them. Their venue, concert ticket table numbers, and even a cute feather fascinator had meaning. And when a snowstorm took away the option of an outdoor ceremony, their indoor alternative turned out better than ever. These ladies know how to plan an intimate and personal celebration (with awesome winter coats!).


Kate & Justin's beach and buttons veggie wedding

On top of the couple's awesome ink and gorgeous venue (with carousel!), there was also a beach just made for dipping. Not only did the groom's guys take the plunge, the bride ended up swimming too, dress and all! With a button-y bouquet and vegetarian menu, this was never destined to be your typical beach-side soiree.