Major shenanigans and a chic dress at this New York Chinatown wedding

Mihai and Gabby were aiming for a mini tour of New York (and especially Chinatown!) to bookend their sweet city hall wedding and they absolutely rocked it in style. From her short and chic dress to his sharp blue suit, they owned the city and even a samurai sword or two. You'll want to start scrolling to share in the feels and the radness of this homage to love, New York Chinatown wedding.


Find out how this zoo wedding convinced us to love "garbage plates"

"Garbage plates" (just wait and see!), animal print, a visiting polar bear at the ceremony, vibrant pink hair, "sloth" cupcakes, lipstick heels, and a dress with ultra chic black detailing — have we sucked you in yet? If not, just wait until you hear how this pair approached decision-making while planning. Inspiring, I swear!


A custom white wedding suit and tutu-inspired reception dress at this glam meets rustic wedding

Elizabeth and Colleen's glam meets rustic wedding at the Holliston Historical Society in Massachusetts was a testament to amazing DIY projects and the super chic dress + white suit combination. Elizabeth created all the decor from scratch, all the way from the centerpieces to custom designing Colleen's suit. She made the table numbers from a broken fence in her backyard and hand-picked the flowers for the bouquets. Don't miss the black detailing on the back of the wedding party's dresses and the short tulle reception dress, too!


A bejeweled reception dress, pink bow tie, and a natural updo that took our breath away at this Maryland wedding

Mero√ę and Ghislain spent much of their relationship at a distance, but it was all worth it to see this chic and fabulous Maryland wedding with the bride's amazing updo and colorful reception dress, and the groom's adorable pink bow tie. Their guests came from all over (Cameroon, Niger, France, England, and Canada) to share in the magic. Grab some champers and take a peek at these two elegant love birds at their Maryland wedding. Just wait until you see the emotional response to their vows.


This is what happens when two park rangers get married in Maine's fall colorsplosion

How perfect is a crisp autumn day in Maine for a park ranger wedding? Josh and Toni are both national park rangers, and they managed to score near-peak fall color for their wedding in Maine last October.

I've got a couple things here I really want you all to notice. First, let's talk about those adorable pinecone cake toppers. This is a DIY no-brainer right here. The pinecones are even wearing tiny little ranger hats, areyoukiddingme!