Animal masks and costumes at this eerie-as-hell Wicker Man wedding

Creepy and awesome animal masks recall The Wicker Man and Halloween costumes and decor do the rest at this Wicker Man wedding. But the perfectly-timed gloomy fog and rain made the ceremony seriously dead-on for the theme. Don't miss the wedding party outfits, the bride's gorgeous headpiece, and the eerie details galore.


These two brides celebrated a sunflowery rustic wedding (with an extra special reading)

Sunflowers, DIYed details, and a lot of red to celebrate a special little guy who left them too soon are some highlights from this gorgeous rustic wedding. There were some amazing moments in this wedding like the advice about watching the guests at the reception and their awesome ceremony entrance. But the reading they chose for the ceremony takes the cake for us. Just wait until you read it.


The dead rise from the grave at this killer Minneapolis zombie wedding

Every Halloween, Holly and Scott go all-out for an annual "Zombie Pub Crawl" in Minneapolis. So when Holly suggested that they plan a zombie-themed wedding, Scott was totally on board. Their traditional families took a little coaxing, but embraced the idea and full costumes like pros. Grab some brains, rattle some chains, and get to ogling this Halloween zombie wedding at the Profile Event Center in Minneapolis.


This geeky superhero Halloween wedding wins the internet today

A knife handle sticking out of a dripping superhero wedding cake: this encapsulates the feel of this geeky, spooky, zombiefied, spider-webbed, goth glam superhero Halloween wedding in Illinois. It all started with the decision to include mac and cheese, costumes (natch!), and a giant party into the night.