Kate & Lee's pink and green retro eye-candy wedding

From the bride's green dress (that print! I swoon), to the impeccable white suits of the wedding party, to the table settings to the fabulous conjugal vehicle, I am totally smitten. I want to travel through time and space to go to this wedding.


Lisa Marie Grillos' Bay Area backyard BBQ

The offbeat bride: Lisa Marie Grillos, Photographer (and Offbeat Bride lab rat!) My offbeat groom: Stephen Grillos, poker player Location & date of wedding: August 6, 2005; Ceremony: Pulgas Water…..


Julie and Angelo's underwater wedding

The offbeat bride: Julie McAlee, Technical Writer (and Offbeat Bride lab rat!) My offbeat groom: Angelo McAlee, Lifeguard Supervisor and Divemaster Location & date of wedding: Underwater at Dry Rocks…..


Deana Weibel's space geek wedding

The offbeat bride: Deana Weibel, assistant professor of anthropology (and Offbeat Bride lab rat!) My offbeat groom: Glen, historian (independent scholar) and self-employed bookseller Location & date of wedding: The…..