Greta Christina's agnostic commitment ceremony

"The fact that this was a lesbian wedding isn't on my list of things that made it offbeat. I suppose it would be to some, but I've been in San Francisco too long for that to seem like anything other than normal."


Corrin's B&B wedding

On the outside, our wedding probably looked pretty traditional. It's more how we got there that made it different than friends' experiences…our planning process was mostly laid back, and all about FUN. We thought of it as a big party for everyone we loved, and that took the "wedding-y" pressure off of it. We knew that we wanted lots of good dancing, lots of good food, and the people we loved, and everything else was gravy.


Jen Moon stars in "Wedding: The Musical"

We wrote and produced Wedding! The Musical and had our friends star in it with us. Not only was there popcorn and commemorative posters sold pre-show along with a mime, during the "show" there was music, dancing, lip synching, a trapeze swing, skits to tell the story of our relationship, and eventually a ceremony complete with a ringleader, fire, and uh, missing rings. We also spent 3 months learning a choreographed swing dance and pretended to get in a huge fight in front of the 225 guests before sailing into said dance.