Juliane & Sam's pole dancing and cult films wedding

Where do we even begin with this UK wedding? The rainbow origami flowers? The Lumpy Space Princess card box and Adventure Time cake? The cult film-themed tables? The POLE DANCING at the reception?! Either way, if you don't find something swoon-worthy in here, I'll eat my hat. Explore this film-meets-dancing-meets-ice-cream wedding.


Isabel & Samuel's treasure boxes and bikes on the beach wedding

A Nicaraguan groom, a Cuban-Bolivian bride from the U.S., and a glorious beach ceremony in Nicaragua — this is some multicultural fabulousness. But the best part is how much we learned from the bride and her search for unique local vendors for her destination wedding. Plus, get your hankies ready for the bride's story of her mother and the treasure boxes.


Jess & Pete's glam horror and zombie wedding

We're falling into the so-excited-it's-almost-fall trap hardcore. But that's okay: trap us in your cool embrace and crunchy leaves, fall! Here's a little horror and zombies pre-Halloween preview to whet your appetite for the season. The dessert bar alone is to die for… think anatomical hearts, zombie mousse graves, and a cake with a giant bloody bite out of it. It's ghoulishly delicious!


Stephanie & James' Snow White meets Americana retro wedding

A float-y princess gown, some retro stylings, a few train-lover photos, and much much adorableness abounds at this Aussie wedding. We also love the carriage ride, the DIY bits an bobs, and of course, the rainbow sprinkle cake! Add in the blended cultural group dance and impromptu "stair-tripping" game, and you're in for an easy-going and rad time for all (even if they had to smoosh 130 people into a ceremony space meant for 50!).


Mihaela & Mitko's two-part Paris-themed Bulgarian wedding

A Francophile wedding in Bulgaria? Yes indeed. And we're bringing along two dresses (one crocheted, the other Paris-themed!), a macaron cake, and loads of pitkas (Bulgarian bread). It's a total mash-up of Western traditions, Bulgarian traditions, and altogether offbeat Bulgarian awesomeness. Don't miss the bride's valiant attempt at a horo dance, too.