Charlie & Quinten's barefoot faux-forest indoor picnic wedding

Tons of handmade pillows, hay bales, leaves, and picnic blankets — it must be an outdoor wedding, right? Nope! But it may as well be. Due to some wet weather, these two brought the outdoors in for a green and brown faux-forest wedding. Even the flower girl and ring bearer got in on the theme action. Chalk up some bare feet, some lovely poetry, and a big ol' party, and you're ready for forest-y fun indoors.


Tatica & Richzendy's Venezuelan gamer wedding

Ooh, our first wedding featured in Venezuela! And it couldn't be more awesome. The scenery is too die for (despite being the coldest part of the country), the hair and fashion is kick-ass, and the lightsaber cake-cutting is hilarious. It all took place where the Yavin 4 location was filmed for Star Wars IV. As it says, "Great events happened here on Yavin 4." Oh, and just wait until you hear what the priest kept doing at the ceremony!


Klaudia & Roland's Wonderland in Hungary wedding

Losing your destination venue the day before the wedding is right up there with the most party-ruining things that could happen. But this pair had an in with a local pub and turned a total negative into a big positive! Add in the gorgeous Alice in Wonderland portrait shoot and some heavy metal (and a little Bob Marley) to get you through the day, and we totally know "everything little thing is gonna be alright."


Krista & Colin's multicultural punk island elopement

Islands views, backgrounds and cultures, WWII history, and their sweet dog named Thor — these are things that make this couple tick. And since both had very different kinds of weddings before, this one only going to be about their love and the meanings behind it. Cue the Scottish island elopement with ink, a mohawk, and lots of ceremonial traditions.


Ebony & Alex's Mancunian retro sci-fi wedding

This little registry office wedding in Manchester is chock full of cute references to how the pair met (Twitter!) and their sci-fi favorites. Plus, it's totally a testament to the bride's DIY skills — she made her own short and vintage-inspired dress! Here's the game: find their Thunder Cats reference, Transformers detail, her something blue, and their invitation envelope quote, and you win!