Amy Joy & Christian's cozy blended-family theater wedding

A hint of vintage glam, some German-infused elements, and some sweet family vows make this wedding lovely. But it's all the lessons learned about guest lists and second wedding drama that really hit home for a lot of us. Oh, and the bride's delicious idea to put some cotton candy into the champagne! We can't resist; we're only human!


Mandy & Nathan's candy woodland wedding

You want fun? You've got fun with this bubbly, candy-filled wedding in Australia. The bride's chic pastel goth look is the icing on this sweet little cake nugget. A white rose ceremony, the perfect first dance for a shy couple, and some all-too-familiar corset drama make this a totally relatable and lovable wedding.


Kirsty & Ollie's crafty autumn vintage wedding

An October wedding, vintage and antique details, and candidates for "most adorable bridesmaids" awards are awesome, but then you see the bride and groom. Birdcage veil, a tattoo sleeve, bespectacled dude… we're hooked. This UK couple knows how to be adorable AND throw an amazingly crafty shindig.