Anna & Russell's scientific gothic humanist wedding

A rockin' red dress, a stack of chocolatey brownies, and a museum celebrating all things science? Check, check, double check! The Humanist ceremony upstairs in a library full of scientific texts, the reception downstairs among funky science installations, and a giant statue of a favorite scientist for photos ops round out this wedding's fabulous setting. Read on for more… for SCIENCE!


Katie & David's winter wedding in the mountains

Cooped up inside at work? Need some AMAZING scenery to transport you? This wedding is just the ticket. Try seriously majestic mountains in the Southern Alps with photography from helicopters. Add in the bride's fabulous blue-purple dress against the snow, and you'll forget you're even inside.


Beth & Patrick's homemade English wedding

Smooching in front of the Rolls Royce, wedding cheesecake, a cheeky flower girl, and a hand-made gown of awesome are just a few of the personal touches on this grand English wedding. You're going to flip when you see the venue, the purple shoes, and of course, the loving looks…


Marika & Steven's fun-centric Chinese elopement

Three questions, a tea ceremony, and a sea of gorgeous red details? Yes, please! This couple opted to elope where they'd met and fallen in love, and currently live… China. The short, sweet ceremony left them all day to celebrate together in their coordinated red wedding outfits, complete with matching ear-to-ear grins — and it only cost $1.20.


Manda & Dave's afternoon wedding in a nightclub

A black ballgown, an amazing staircase, and a strategically placed leaf for a statue's modesty? This wedding in a nightclub has it all, and happened on a Monday afternoon, letting the couple celebrate their anniversary and enjoy a hot venue for a cool price.