Julie & Paul's farm fresh and sassy wedding

After two years of life and natural disasters delaying the wedding, these hunter/gatherers finally tied the knot at their own gorgeous home in Nova Scotia. With their own foliage (and some lingerie!) as decor, a doggie ring bearer, a fake roadkill-style menu, an actual seafood dinner, and the kissy-face couple themselves, I don't even know what you'll love most. Let's just go with everything!


Leanne & Rob's small town playhouse wedding

Although having the wedding in a small town saved on costs, it did make finding a large enough venue a challenge. But with a little perseverance, it all worked out. This pair also took some rough weather and rocked out the stormy weather photos. And watch out: guests (and the couple!) got a little wild at the end of the night. The photos prove it!


Mandy & Jamie's skulls and roses cottage wedding

I love it when gothic style hits another, totally different element because the result is often a really awesome blend. Think skulls, deep red roses, a coffin card box all in a rustic cottage in a small town. This bride works in the floral industry, so she knew what she didn't want to do. They both wanted intimate, budget-friendly, and an amazing time.


Krista & Rob's colourful relaxed DIYed wedding

This wedding is full of eye candy including mug centerpieces with nesting doll favors, handmade clutch purses for the bridesmaids that matched their colorful shoes, and an adorably accurate custom cake topper on their rainbow dot cake! It was obvious that this wedding would be full of music, dashes of crafty goodness, and lots of love. There are also some key bits of advice in this one, including putting a time limit on your ring warming!


Lenna & Matt's big fat traditional Armenian and Japanese wedding

The bride comes from a traditional Armenian background, so her offbeat spirit had a ton to contend with. But somehow these two managed to infuse their concert-going, comics-loving, board game-playing selves into a traditional Armenian Orthodox celebration. Add in the Japanese influences and you've got some multicultural mash-ups to rival all others.