Krista & Rob's colourful relaxed DIYed wedding

This wedding is full of eye candy including mug centerpieces with nesting doll favors, handmade clutch purses for the bridesmaids that matched their colorful shoes, and an adorably accurate custom cake topper on their rainbow dot cake! It was obvious that this wedding would be full of music, dashes of crafty goodness, and lots of love. There are also some key bits of advice in this one, including putting a time limit on your ring warming!


Lenna & Matt's big fat traditional Armenian and Japanese wedding

The bride comes from a traditional Armenian background, so her offbeat spirit had a ton to contend with. But somehow these two managed to infuse their concert-going, comics-loving, board game-playing selves into a traditional Armenian Orthodox celebration. Add in the Japanese influences and you've got some multicultural mash-ups to rival all others.


Katie & Ryan's party games cocktail wedding

Party games, a candy buffet, DIY elephant signs, and a topsy-turvy cake! This cocktail party-style wedding had as much fun as a carnival. You'll love their choice of music as well — the Portal theme, Nine Inch Nails, and the A-Team theme!


Erin & Jeff's Scottish tartan and balloon animal wedding

A ruby red gown, lots of Scottish influences, and a friend with connections into a favorite photo setting meant a pretty stellar day for this couple. She's theatrical, he brought the tartan — let's get down and line dance! Just watch out for rogue balloon animals. Apparently they get around.


Karen & Ian's swords and boards geek-tacular wedding

You say you want some geek chic in your life? We're bringing it hardcore with this wedding. Gamers, sword fighters, King Richard VIII, the full Princess Bride ceremony, a D20 that determines who kisses who… it's fantastic. Put your nerd pants on and check out this kick-ass wedding brought to you in the name of all things geek!