Essential unplugged wedding tips from real couples who went device-free

Have you been down with the unplugged wedding concept yet? If you've ever wanted to avoid a thousand iPhones hovering in front of your highly paid pro photographer, you've likely considered it. The biggest reason, in our eyes, of asking guests to be nice and turn off the device is to make sure they're actually present. It's super easy to get tugged into tagging photos or liking others while you're trying to convey your love and commitment. We decided to follow up with some readers who chose to go unplugged to see how it all went. They shared unplugged wedding tips including some logistics, some successes, and one or two tiny regrets.


Watch 100 years of vintage ring styles in one short video

Mode's most recent 100 Years of Fashion video highlighting 100 years of vintage ring styles was pretty illuminating for those of us who are so used to seeing vintage rings that it's actually hard to remember from which era they originated. It might also make you realize how susceptible you might be to trends (I know I am!) AND why that's totally okay. Let's watch the vid and see what vintage ring styles are still popular today.


Overdone wedding trends that have jumped the shark

I read one article with a trend expert who explained, "Gone are the days of the white hydrangea," and I thought — wait, the white hydrangea had days? What the fuck?

On any given day, you can simultaneously find someone bemoaning and celebrating the exact same fucking trend! Boho weddings are sooooo hot this year! No wait: "We'll see the bohemian trend head out before you know it."


Gen X vs Millennials: How Offbeat Brides of different ages are super different

In my work with Offbeat Bride, I've been around people planning their weddings for a decade. It's to the point where I meet people (…adult people! People of very acceptable marrying age!) who are like "I've been reading you since middle school." People have been reading this website since menarche, my friends!

As the years have marched on, I've started noticing this shift in weddings, that I think reflects a larger cultural and generational shift between my peers (which is sorta the tail end of Gen X) and my younger pals (aww, Millennials I love your beards and artisianal pickles). My undergrad degree is in sociology, so people-watching large groups is my favorite favorite in favorite town, and so pull up a chair and let's muse on larger cultural trends, mmkay?