How to donate your wedding leftovers to shelters or animal rescues

Looking for a way to save your leftover wedding food from going to waste without having to haul it back to your house for a three-day binge? You can actually donate your unspoiled leftovers. Your caterer may already be doing it, in fact. If they're following safety standards and in communication with coordinating shelters, it can totally work. Let's talk about how to donate your wedding leftovers.


14 reasons to get NAKED: an homage to the fabulous naked cake

I remember seeing Chaitra and Ryan's immaculate floral naked cake back in 2013 and thinking, "Oh shit, this is going to be a thing and I'm going to love it." Naked cakes have been fluctuating in popularity for a long time, especially in the UK and now over here in the US, and we are still loving them. If you're one of those frosting haters (blasphemy!), you're probably loving them, too. Here's a little homage to the naughtiest of wedding confectionaries: the naked cake.