I took off my ring yesterday

I took my ring off yesterday… I needed one day, just one, where I really considered whether this marriage was something I wanted. Throughout the in-law drama I would ask my my fiancé if he was absolutely sure he wanted to marry me. I realized I'd never really considered the question myself.


How Offbeat Bride saved me

I have never seen such amazing love, support, and genuine helpfulness from complete strangers. Not only did Offbeat Bride readers help with my problem, they lifted me up, and (pardon the cliche) removed a heavy black cloud from my shoulders. They showed me not only ways to move past my problems, but, in meeting some of them who have already done so, showed me it could actually be done.


Offbeat sins: how to get pulled over by the Offbeat Police

I don't want any of you looking back on your wedding and being like, "God, I don't even like Game Of Thrones that much." Offbeater-than-thou weddings just for offbeatness' sake? That's a misdemeanor right there, and we won't arrest you, but we will escort you off of the property to head over to Offbeat Home & Life's archives, where we can support you with awesome articles to build self-awareness and confidence. We believe in rehabilitative treatment here.


An ode to a cookie cutter wedding: why a "wedding factory" works for me

I can't lie; part of me has struggled with the fact that I am not completely being a build-it-yourself "budget bride" like I had anticipated I would be. I'm letting myself splurge on a little luxury — the luxury of not having to fret about every little detail and allowing people who know what they're doing take the reins. Even though there will be plenty of opportunities for personal creativity in the ceremony, garb, décor, and atmosphere… I still feel a little bit like a sell-out. Like I'm having a cookie cutter wedding.