A sticky WIC-ket: Offbeat Bride is part of the Wedding Industrial Complex

There's a lot of talk in the alt-wedding world about the "wedding industrial complex," that runaway freight train of wedding industry grossness that's always pressuring you to do things a certain way because supposedly that's how things are done.

Lots of us hate the Wedding Industrial Complex, which some people abbreviate as "The WIC." I feel y'all on the loathing of an industry that can be insidious and damaging. I think it's also important, however, to reiterate something I've written about several times before: Offbeat Bride is absolutely part of the wedding industry.


Ditch the wedding propaganda: tv shows, magazines, and (gasp!) even Pinterest

I have sworn off all wedding-related things. Or, at least, things not related directly to my wedding. This includes TV shows, magazines, The Knot, and any other website that makes me have unrealistic expectations of my nuptials. This "wedding propaganda," as I have so lovingly been calling it, has only overwhelmed me, smothered my own voice inside my head, and made me feel inadequate in the planning and execution of my own wedding. This is unacceptable.