A girls' guide to throwing a "surprise musical roast" bachelor party

When you're a girl and your best friend is a guy, and that guy gets engaged, it just may fall on you to throw the bachelor party. That's where I found myself a couple months ago. My best friend Erik was getting married and I wanted to throw him a kick-ass bachelor party. One of the groomsman suggested that we throw him surprise musical roast. As Erik, and all his friends, are amazing musicians this was the greatest idea ever. Only… I've never been to a bachelor party before, and I've certainly never thrown one. I fired off a panicked email to Offbeat Bride sponsor and friend Laura from Rebel Belle WeddingsThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them who helped me pull of the coolest bachelor party/surprise musical roast ever! Here's how we did it.


From pissy to pretty calm: How to plan your wedding, Project Manager-style

My fiancé and I are both project management types — at work, and in our general personalities. So, we have weekly wedding planning meetings with agendas. This has managed to keep us sane, speaking to each other, productive, and focused on other things, like unpacking the house we just bought, getting through a terribly hectic time at work, enjoying each other, and focusing on my nearly-six year old son. Here's how we plan our wedding, Project Manager-style…


How postponing my wedding saved my marriage

We were at the two-months-till-the-wedding mark, and I was losing it. I've never handled stress terribly well, and I have this nasty habit of taking that out on whoever's closest. I didn't realize the wedding stress and our constant arguments were related. In fact, it didn't even click until I sat in tears on my best friend's bed after yet another stupid argument. She asked me, gently, "Are you sure you want to go through with the wedding?" I realized that I couldn't say yes.