Everyone else is doing it: A wedding trend perspective

I started searching online and found all these great ideas: mercury glass candle holders, stacks of books for centerpieces, stationary with those cool old brackets on it, lanterns, library card escort cards — and ran with it. I was so happy that we were doing things that felt like us and not just the same old cookie-cutter wedding stuff that we had seen throughout our twenties. It felt amazing. Until we realized that everyone else was doing it, too.


The wedding proposal blues

Despite the fact that my girlfriend and I have discussed marriage and I know she's going to say "yes" when I pop the question, there's still stress. What if she doesn't like my proposal? What if our families aren't happy for us? What if I stop worrying about whether or not she "needs" a diamond and realize that the ring is not the important thing?


Wedding shoes for dapper brides and offbeat grooms

Inspired by "Dapper," Offbeat Bride's new androgynous header illustration, I present my curated collection of wedding shoes for dapper brides and offbeat grooms.

…Because the masculine-inclined need cool shoes, too, and not just rentals from the tux shop. These are a mix of women's and men's shoes; I've had great luck wearing men's oxford and boots, although I don't know if it works the other direction.