Letting go of perfect

I am settling now. And even though the word "settling" has a negative connotation, it is most emphatically NOT a negative feeling. Maybe it'd be better to say that I have re-prioritized? But semantics are just that, and I am settling — happily settling -– for less than everything I wanted for my wedding


Groom's shoes, Vol. 1

I realized, why should ladies get all the fun? Grooms need shoes too, and while a black leather shoe is fine … there are certainly more exciting options for the offbeat gentlemen in the house.


Sexy medieval-themed groom gear

Texas photographer Stacy Reeves recently shot a Medieval-themed Day After session at an abandoned castle. The bride and groom incorporated Ren-Faire costumes, and a sword that the bride bought the groom as a wedding present.

The great thing about these photos is that it shows that you can have an historical themed wedding without going all-out on period costuming. In fact, the groom is more costume-y than the bride. And check out that groom gear! …