Big production proposals and being true to you

Like so many of you here on Offbeat Bride, I was never one of those girls who dreamed about what her wedding would be like. I never dreamed about getting married in a big white dress and having children and buying a home. My partner G knew this about me and was fine that I had no pointed interest in getting a ring on my finger on any sort of timeline. I'd said that many times over the first couple years together and one of the sweetest things he ever said was, "Well, if I thought you wanted to get married I would have asked you a long time ago. If you ever change your mind you'll have ask me. So after nearly six years together I did just that.


How divorce has positively affected my wedding planning

My parents and my future husband are all divorced. And this is probably going to sound like a really odd, coming from someone planning her first, and hopefully only wedding. But I wanted to share some thoughts I had on how divorce has, in fact, positively affected my wedding planning process.


Kids plot their grand wedding escape: a bedtime story

Once upon a time, in a land of tulle and sequins, young children donned tight suits and itchy dresses. They bumped into legs on dance floors, and found nary a puppy to pet or game to play. Vegetables were offered, kissing was happening, and the cake seemed like it would never get cut. They were at… a wedding.


"Oh, I'd never do that" or how getting married has turned me into a liar

Apparently when you tell friends and family that you're happy the way you are and that you can take it or leave it ("it" being matrimonial bliss), that you're out of yo' damn mind. But that's not what makes me a liar, since I'm still stickin' to my guns that I'd not made any sweeping declarations regarding marriage. But still… in the past month or so, I've been scratching my head about and thinking "Huh. I am such a liar."