On feminism, marriage equality, and my impending marriage

My impending marriage has certainly forced me to confront expectations, and to articulate and affirm the values and ideas which I hold most dear. For me, these would be feminism and marriage equality. However, the prospect of my impending marriage (to a lovely, understanding, open-minded and progressive straight cis-man) has forced me to clarify my perspectives on these two ideas to a much greater extent than ever before. In the process, I have become even firmer in my support of these two positions. Why has my position on feminism and marriage equality been strengthened? I'll explain.


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Thanks, from The Empire!

Here it is: Thanksgiving in the US, and time to hop on the Love Train Express and pull into Appreciation Station. We try to remain grateful and appreciative of the Offbeat Empire's readers every day in every way, but on Thanksgiving we all wanted to try to find the way to articulate just how thankful we are for every single one of you.


Brawny, stout, or burly: larger grooms look HOT

Our offbeat grooms come in all shapes and sizes and we wouldn't want it any other way. We decided to dig into our archives for groom (and androgynous) styles that can work on all body types. Note: not all of these men are above average size, but they are all wearing styles that are big and tall-friendly.