Why read wedding blogs?

Why are you here right now? If the data I have is accurate, chances are pretty good that you're looking for wedding ideas (you KNOW we have a million for you to steal) or trying to get inspired. Neither of these are especially surprising, right? I see the same cycle happen every year, with a wave of freshly engaged folks flooding in looking for ideas and inspiration… and then at a certain point being like "Oh my god, I'm overwhelmed with ideas! I have too much inspiration! I need to stop looking at wedding porn and start, like, actually getting some shit done."

But let's talk over all the other reasons you might be reading…


Overdone wedding trends that have jumped the shark

I read one article with a trend expert who explained, "Gone are the days of the white hydrangea," and I thought — wait, the white hydrangea had days? What the fuck?

On any given day, you can simultaneously find someone bemoaning and celebrating the exact same fucking trend! Boho weddings are sooooo hot this year! No wait: "We'll see the bohemian trend head out before you know it."


How we're making peace with our no bells and whistles wedding in the WIC pressure cooker

Planning a budget-friendly, streamlined wedding that doesn't feature all the "bells and whistles" of traditional weddings is not without its judgments and that's where my recent stress has been coming in. Wedding planning forums can make you question if your wedding is going to be remembered as the "worst wedding ever," your ideas suck, and it's all going to be tacky, especially if you are cutting some corners, budget-wise. Here's how we're handling the pressure.


A green house wedding shower: best idea or bestest idea?

Caitlinn and Luke are planning their summer camp wedding for later this year, but we've got a sneak peek at their killer really green house wedding shower first. Our eyes were seriously boggling over the lush greenery, succulents, and plant-themed goodies that were served. Plus, who plans a wedding shower in a green house? Flippin' love it. Don't miss the seed packet favors, veggies everywhere, and dinosaur touches.