Top 5 joys of attending a wedding after yours is over

"The weddings you attend after your wedding are SO much fun." It sounded nice at the time, but I had no idea what she was talking about. How could anyone else's wedding live up to the feeling of your own personal celebration? I was wrong. Attending a wedding after your own is the best, and here's why…


Braids, twists, and buns: 20 easy DIY wedding hairstyles

We love us some DIYed wedding hairstyles. Even for those of us without mad hair skills (cough-like me-cough), using hair accessories, headpieces, fascinators, adding in flowers, and rocking a sleek updo are all ways to make fabulous hair come easy. We've compiled a collection of some spectacular DIY wedding hairstyles to try yourself, take in to your stylist, or just keep on hand (or bookmarked in your phone) in case you end up sans hairstylist on the day-of and have to handle your own hair.


Offbeat Bride's official stance on wedding etiquette advice

Not infrequently, Offbeat Bride will be criticized for supposedly telling couples to ignore certain kinds of wedding etiquette advice. Or we'll catch shit for sharing weddings where folks went way off the beaten track when it comes to what you might think of as acceptable wedding etiquette. Given that the "Offbeat Bride hates etiquette!" critique comes up repeatedly, perhaps it's worth capturing our official stance on wedding etiquette advice.