Queer femme hearts trans man: the legitimacy of love

Being fully, unapologetically ourselves comes with risks and can be both contentious and dangerous. We are violated, belittled, deprived of love, victimized, isolated and left wanting… both by larger systems and communities, and by people we thought we could trust. Amidst the pain or discomfort, we have to remember that there is hope.


I'm a fat bride

I recently posted on Facebook that I want anything emblazoned with "bride" to be changed to "fat bride." My identity as a fat woman is no secret, and I'm not ashamed of it. I bare my body with pride. However, not everyone feels the same way.


Are photographers going to start offering discounts for unplugged weddings?

In my almost-eight years of running Offbeat Bride and working with wedding photographers, I've heard of photographers offering potential clients discounts for all sorts of things: discounts for destination weddings, discounts for LGBT-identified couples, discounts for sci-fi weddings or elopements and all sorts of other niche weddings. But yesterday was the first time I saw a photographer who's offering a discount for couples doing an unplugged wedding. Is this a new thing?


Wedding as fandom? (It might be more likely than you think!)

Since my last rant against all the "helpful" lists and articles on weddings, I've been thinking a lot about why I was getting so offended by them. Why I've been getting so offended about everything negative and wedding-related. When's the last time I got this worked up over something that I took so damn personally, and that everyone else took so personally too? And then last night, when I was reading about Dashcon, I realized it. Fandom!