Dear loved one who is not getting invited to my wedding…

We'll skip the awkward well-wishing and wellness inquiries. I know you are angry. You're probably hurting, maybe livid. You might be ready to cut me out of your life completely because you did not receive that magic little piece of paper in the mail. But here is the grown-up, bare-bones, truth: Not getting invited to my wedding does not mean being uninvited to my life.


Our 2016 Lovesick Expos start in TWO WEEKS (get excited & get tickets!)

Two weeks from today (Saturday January 9th!) the 2016 season of Lovesick Expos will kick off! For those of you who have missed all our freaking out about Lovesick, they're the expos dedicated to be bringing some of our favorite offbeat vendors to EIGHT locations across the US.

In the spirit of getting excited, here are a few of the vendors you'll be meeting very, very soon…


How weddings & masturbation are more related than you think

Oh hi there. I have a couple of topics I'd like to discuss: wedding planning and masturbation. (Stay with me, here!)

Of course Offbeat Bride is all about wedding planning, but sometimes we dip our toes (or fingers?) into sex. Today is one of those days, and today we're going to talk about how wedding planning and masturbation are more related than you might think.