I smelled a reader's hair: Lovesick Expo season 2015 kickoff

The first of our eight nationwide Lovesick Expos happened this past Sunday in Brooklyn, and if this show is any indication, this is going to be a great winter. I flew out from Seattle on Friday, and rolled into the Williamsburg Music Hall at 9am on Sunday to find the space already bustling with vendors setting up their booths. By the time the doors opened at 11, things were looking GAHMAZING! Then this happened…


Throw this psychedelic, sweet-tooth, winter wonderland bridal shower

Throwing a bridal shower on nearly no budget forces one to get really creative. I pooled all the resources I could think of and ended up throwing an epic bash that was anything but conventional. I call is the "psychedelic, sweet tooth, winter wonderland" bridal shower. Here's how I pulled it off…


2015's hottest wedding trend: fighting back against "Pinterest-perfection"

Once a week or so, I'll get an interview request from a journalist — and inevitably one of the questions they want to ask is "What are your trend predictions for next year?" I usually hedge these questions with a positive spin like, "Hopefully, a reduction in fear-based marketing" or "Less body-shaming directed at brides under the guise of beauty," but this year I have a bigger prediction:

That couples are going to start pushing back against the idea of "Pinterest-perfect" weddings.


Fuck off, I'm eating: foibles, feats, and fails from 2014 weddings

To celebrate and recap 2014, we asked some of our favorite wedding vendors to reveal some of their funniest moments, lessons learned, and biggest foibles from their 2014 weddings. Get ready for determined eating, surprise guest photo bombers, and birds pooping… because we all know that shit (sometimes literally) happens.


I got left at the altar: turning heartbreak into artwork

As the day that was supposed to be my wedding day approached, none of us knew what to do, think or feel. I knew that a pity party was the farthest thing from what I wanted or needed. A few people brought up the idea of trashing the dress, and at first it sounded crazy. But after thinking about it, I knew that doing something to mark the occasion was the perfect thing for me. I was not going to let my ex-fiancé's mistake of letting me go take away my happiness.