What funeral planning taught me about wedding planning

I've planned two funerals before planning my wedding. The first was my own funeral. My cancer came before we had a chance to speak of marriage, and preparing for the worst outcome took priority. It was not unlike planning a wedding (albeit in four days flat), and I've learned these lessons on how to celebrate life — whether this is a life that has gone or is about to start…


My tacky registry: Why I think registry etiquette is bullshit

Sometimes I browse the Knot (I know I KNOW) for etiquette tips about things I'm not sure of (traditional wording on invites, etc) or to get an outside perspective. Talk about a mistake! The last time I did this was to try and get a handle on exactly WHY it is such a breech of etiquette to do anything other than a traditional, scan gun, store registry. I bring this up only to point out my first big issue with "wedding etiquette" and that's the mistake of thinking that what's rude is universal. It isn't.