Can't wait to party with you soon at Lovesick Expo Atlanta, LA, Denver, and SF!

Lovesick Expo Seattle happened yesterday and… holy shit, my friends. That was pretty much the best day-drunk party I've been to in years. I might be biased because it was my hometown show, but that's the thing about Lovesick: yes, it's a wedding expo, but the goal for all of us producing the event is that it basically just feels like a great fucking party. Where you, like, also get to talk to great fucking wedding vendors.

The expo is coming to Atlanta this weekend, with California and Colorado shows next month. Come party with us?


Our 2016 Lovesick Expos start in TWO WEEKS (get excited & get tickets!)

Two weeks from today (Saturday January 9th!) the 2016 season of Lovesick Expos will kick off! For those of you who have missed all our freaking out about Lovesick, they're the expos dedicated to be bringing some of our favorite offbeat vendors to EIGHT locations across the US.

In the spirit of getting excited, here are a few of the vendors you'll be meeting very, very soon…


Thinking Bride: How Offbeat Bride helped me be more authentic

I actually found Offbeat Bride through a site (that shall remain nameless but not blameless) where the writer was mocking it. The tone of the mockery was, "Look at these weirdos who think they're so special and different!" But here's the thing: I WANTED my wedding to be special and different. Now, over a year later and as my wedding date quickly approaches, I shall literally count the ways in which Offbeat Bride has helped me. If it weren't for Offbeat Bride, my wedding would have been a lot more…