My tacky registry: Why I think registry etiquette is bullshit

Sometimes I browse the Knot (I know I KNOW) for etiquette tips about things I'm not sure of (traditional wording on invites, etc) or to get an outside perspective. Talk about a mistake! The last time I did this was to try and get a handle on exactly WHY it is such a breech of etiquette to do anything other than a traditional, scan gun, store registry. I bring this up only to point out my first big issue with "wedding etiquette" and that's the mistake of thinking that what's rude is universal. It isn't.


Would you get married at a plantation? Or a castle? Or a prison? Or a cemetery?

We featured a Filipino/Persian wedding that was held a lovely garden estate — that used to be a plantation. A commenter chimed in: "…not really sure if a Southern Plantation with slavery history is the ideal place for a wedding. I couldn't focus on the beauty of it knowing that it held such memories of immense suffering." This comment brings up so many interesting questions…


The wrong way to make a bouquet? Learning to accept help and relinquish wedding control

I haven't been asking for help, I haven't been delegating, and I've been overwhelmed and drowning in an endless sea of paperwork and DIY projects. I've been so worried about letting people help because I feel like only I know what the end result is "supposed" to be, and I'm scared that if someone else makes something it won't be "right." This is where my thinking needs to change…


Til Death Do Us Ink: 12 wedding dresses to show off your tattoos

Whether you're full on Suicide Girl status with head to toe tattoos or just want to make your partner swoon with a sneaky tease of your favorite piece, there are an infinite amount of dresses for a tattoo-friendly wedding. Of course the dresses you are about to see aren't just for those with ink (anyone can rock these styles!), these 12 tattoo wedding dresses that are extra perfect for showing off some inked skin.