"We're doing this, bishes!" Should I have an engagement party?

Unless you're eloping, you probably have to announce your engagement somehow, right? Maybe you'll have a stereotype-toppling engagement photo session or maybe you'll send out engagement announcements, or maybe… you'll ask yourself, "should I have an engagement party?" Is it required? Hell nah. Can it be cool? Hell yeah. There are loads of pre-wedding party opportunities though, so here are some pros and cons to throwing an engagement party if you're on the fence about this one.


Mer-gagement: This is what a Little Mermaid proposal looks like

Daniel secretly set up a little mermaid photo shoot for my friend and I, and then showed up in the middle of it dressed as Prince Eric. I was in my mermaid tail on the riverside when he got down on one knee, with a little seashell box, and asked me to marry him. It was like something out of a fairytale.


Crystal snowflakes, snow queen crowns, and rustic pinecones: Our HUGE haul of winter wedding accessories

We're getting close to cold weather here in the Northern Hemisphere and that means one thing: planning for winter weddings! We're already thinking about crystal bouquets, snow white capes, faux fur woolies and muffs, and rustic pine cone accessories. I trawled Etsy for some of the best winter wedding accessories and it did not disappoint. Don't miss the snow queen antler crown, his-and-hers mitten set, lace boot cuffs, red feather epaulettes, and winter-inspired headpieces galore. Let's go winter shopping!


9 uncommonly beautiful, non-traditional engagement rings from Brilliant Earth

Ho-lee-smokes! Our longtime sponsor, and socially responsible jewelers, Brilliant Earth has some brand new designs, and I'm in freaking sparkly magical love with them. The new styles in their Avant Collection have unexpected details, like rose cut diamonds, aquamarines, and unique bezel settings. Or as Brilliant Earth puts it, "Extraordinary designs for the non-traditional bride."

Let's check 'em out together shall we…


Luring scams and fake travel schemes: Why wedding photographers need to be careful too!

I recently received an inquiry from a woman who was asking if I would fly out to Hawaii for a portrait session. Everything seemed on the up-and-up… until they told me they would not pay my travel expenses up-front and wanted me to accept a payment for their event planner, who would only take cash, and then send it to the planner myself. I then did some research to see if there were any scams like this going around, and found something really scary…