Wedding registries: The gateway to lifestyle creep

Wedding registries. It’s awesome to get presents, but it sucks when you realize that all your presents mean you have to spend more money to upgrade everything else to match. You will find yourself purchasing things so that they can “match” your new items. Even if your stuff up until now was perfectly fine, even if you never thought to replace it.


How to have an Unplugged Wedding without you or your guests freaking out

I know everyone wants to have their own photo with the couple, but when you multiply the time it takes by 150 guests, it can quickly eat up your whole wedding day.But I also know that the idea of having an unplugged wedding may freak you out a bit. What if the photographer doesn't capture every single guest? What if people don't get it? What if everyone judges your choice? Here are a few tips to assuage your fears of an unplugged wedding…


I smelled a reader's hair: Lovesick Expo season 2015 kickoff

The first of our eight nationwide Lovesick Expos happened this past Sunday in Brooklyn, and if this show is any indication, this is going to be a great winter. I flew out from Seattle on Friday, and rolled into the Williamsburg Music Hall at 9am on Sunday to find the space already bustling with vendors setting up their booths. By the time the doors opened at 11, things were looking GAHMAZING! Then this happened…