Bats instead of butterflies in your stomach? Let's talk about pre-wedding anxiety attacks

My anxiety attacks me where it will hurt the most — it makes me question my relationship, and now it added crushing doubt about whether I truly wanted to marry the man lying next to me. The very existence of those thoughts crumbled whatever defense I had left, because in that state of mind it feels like every thought that enters my head must, by its very existence, be true, no matter how much I love and want to be with him. Great state of mind for a newly engaged person.


It's not just about the bride: The Wedding Industry puts pressure on bridesmaids too!

Somehow the lines of friendship and being a bridesmaid have been blurred by the wedding industry. "Requiring" bridesmaids to throw over-the-top bachelorette parties, or instructing brides that all of their bridesmaids must have matching monogramed robes as gifts, are ways to get people to open their checkbooks just a little more. Wedding websites, magazines and Pinterest are filled with lists and suggestions that can make one feel like, if they aren't throwing a lavish bridal shower, they aren't doing it right.


Fuck Weddings? Why we have confusing feels about wedding snark

We recently got an email from a reader about her website, called Fuck Weddings. That feels like something we should like. We love have a good sense of humor about ourselves and about weddings. All of us planning weddings need a bit more humor and lols in our lives, right? A good skewering can be good for everyone! At the same time, we're a bit torn about wedding comedy that feels mean-spirited…