9 wedding seating chart tips for less conflict and maximum fun

Ready to plan out your wedding seating chart? Before you start, don't forget that you can always go sans assign seats and let guests choose their own. Yep, it's a thing. But if you need to make sure that volatile family members are seated away from each other, want to help your introvert guests find a pal with whom to chat, or want your single friends to meet your other single friends for some hooking up, these wedding seating chart tips are for you.


Playlists, requests, and backup plans: What to ask your wedding DJ

We've worked with lots of great DJs in our time, and finding the right one for you can be a really specific task. They've got to get you, your style, and be experienced enough to work on the fly when things aren't going well. It's not an easy job, but a great DJ can make your party with excellent tunes, good MCing, and not getting in the way of the festivities. Here are some questions we think you might want to ask your potential wedding DJs to see if they mesh with you.


Offbeat-themed I-Spy scavenger hunt reception game (a free wedding printable!)

If you're looking for ways to keep kids occupied at your reception, an I-Spy scavenger hunt reception game is a great idea, right? But if you're rocking an offbeat wedding, maybe you'd rather have say, "Converse" or "piercings" as your items to hunt instead of "something blue" or "champagne glasses." These items may not all be at your wedding, but a fair few may and someone will be the winner. Download the PDF, print out some copies, and include it in your arsenal of kid-friendly activities at your reception.