Real weddings for people who have "zero money" for their wedding budget

I could go on and on about us and how awesome your site is for people like us but here’s the real deal: we really have zero money for this. I just bought a house and we will have the wedding there — venue is covered — but the rest? The sites I can find for “budget” or “diy” wedding don’t share my definition of “budget” or “diy.” The “Broke-ass Bride” had an $8,000 budget. On my scale, that is not “broke-ass.”

Can you point me to an example of something from actually nothing? Please help!


Would you wear a used engagement ring? Here are some reasons to go secondhand

There are usually three types of reasons one might sell a used engagement ring: a divorce, lack of use/wear, or to pay for a ring upgrade or other life expense. It's interesting how each reason can change the price and perception of rings. There are definitely folks out there who might not want a ring from a divorce just for superstition purposes, but for most of us, a used engagement ring can be the ticket to good bang for the buck. Let's talk shop on why you might (or might not) want to opt for a secondhand used engagement ring.


No Daddy Warbucks, no problem: How to pay for a wedding yourself without going into debt

We are long past the times of the brides' parents paying for the wedding, especially if you are both coming from middle-class families as most of us are. If you do have a Daddy Warbucks more power to you. For those of us who don't, who pays for these lavish soirees? How can people afford these things without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips to help you pay for a wedding yourself with a budget…