12 wedding dance songs NOT about love

My partner's mother was emotionally abusive for most of his life, but now they are trying to make amends, and very much wants to do a special mother-son dance. Problem is, all the other wedding websites recommend cheesy love songs. Any help for dance songs NOT about love?

7 ways to make your wedding bigger than you

When it comes to weddings, it’s usually a whole lot of getting. Getting the cake, getting the attire, getting the flowers, getting gifts. Cue brain overload! But what about giving? With the average wedding cost in the U.S. now up over $35,000, couples are re-thinking their wedding and deciding how to incorporate a cause into the planning and execution.

Weaving charity into weddings isn’t hard and is a great way to share the love. Use these starting blocks to brainstorm how you can fold charity into your big day…


The non-religious two officiant wedding ceremony script you've been looking for

Almost everything you'll find when you search for a "two officiant wedding ceremony" will be religious. But if you're not inviting any of The Gods to your wedding, you might be interested in reading through our ceremony script…

(Keep in mind we're foodies and our wedding was slightly Game of Thrones-themed, so pardon any and all foodstagram references, TV show puns, and spoilers!)