Are your parents helping pay for your wedding? Have them read this.

The only rule is to talk openly and honestly about expectations clearly before accepting any money — is the money a loan? A gift? If it's a gift, does it come with stipulations or expectations? Talking about money is uncomfortable and awkward for everyone, but it's critically important for parents who might be contributing to weddings to be VERY clear about what their expectations are… and to watch out for predatory marketing that targets parents…


7 questions to help you create a super personalized wedding ceremony

There's not much guidance for thinking about the ceremony itself. What even is a wedding? What's it for? And how do you go about planning the part of your wedding where you actually get married? Having guided a lot of couples — not to mention my fianc√©e — through the process of planning a wedding, here are my top seven questions to get you going on a personalized wedding ceremony that reflects your relationship…

How do I incorporate the March for Science into my Earth Day wedding?

I am getting married on Earth Day this year, the same day as the March for Science. It's too late to change our wedding date. But I am sad that we will not be downtown at the Scientists' March, demonstrating for something so crucially important. Do you have ideas for how we can be a part of the march, even though we'll be out in the woods in Southern Maryland?


Stirring quotes from Loving v. Virginia to include in your ceremony

We plucked some amazing nuggets from Obergefell v. Hodges (the SCOTUS marriage equality case in which the Court held that the right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples under the Constitution) recently to include in your wedding ceremony and this time around we're focusing on Loving v. Virginia. In this political climate, we want to call out all opportunities to bring light to the struggles of those who have fought for marriage equality in all ways.

Here are some amazing quotes from Loving v. Virginia to include in your ceremony…