9 ways to get your groom involved

Are you having trouble getting your groom to buck up and help with the wedding planning? Or getting him to say anything other than "Sure, whatever…" when you ask him wedding-related questions? These 9 suggestions just might change his attitude from "meh" you "yeah!"


Mrs vs. Ms: Am I a Mrs after I get married if I don't change my last name?

I decided long ago that I'd keep my name if I got married. But … what IS my name? I've often used the "Ms." title, and I expect to keep doing so. "Mrs." can, however, be useful. I always assumed I'd use Mrs. MyName at those times, but during this last week I've realized that in my mind the Mrs. title is inextricably linked with the husband's name. Mrs. doesn't just signal that I'm married, it tells people the name of the person I'm married to. Mrs. MyName feels self-contradictory and weird, like I'm married to myself.

Maybe I just have a problem with the title "Mrs." Do people use it when they keep their name?