How to plan a wedding from afar: part I

So here it is, "Shrie's Humble Guide to Planning A Wedding from Afar: Or How to Get Hitched Without Pulling Your Hair Out." I hope my teeny tidbits of advice will help at least one crazed, "I don't know where to start!" bride-to-be looking for a little relief.


Dancing at a dry wedding

"I'm going to marry a wonderful man who is a recovering addict and has been clean for over 8 years. Alcohol at the wedding will be a HUGE no-no. What can I do to get people on the dance floor and to have fun without the aid of beer?"


The ethics of a cheap off-shore wedding dress

I think that stealing a wedding dress design and having it made in China (in a place that is probably a sweatshop) is really unethical. It upsets me, as it both screws the original designer (who is probably a creative type who you would want to hang out with) and the workers … all for a dress you will wear once.

Then again, I am not poor, and I can afford to pay the designer direct for some of the dresses I like and I will check that they are not made unethically.

Am I just being a judgmental bitch cos I have the money to "do the right thing" here? Am I assuming that people have not thought about these issue, but actually they have and are fine with it?


Love the fiance, love the in-laws

Whilst I can't wait to marry my fiance, I can't stand his family. Any ideas how we can include my partner's in-laws in our wedding without making it seem contrived or forced? I understand they're his family, and he loves them, but does that really mean I have to?