How should an offbeat wedding guest dress?

"I am generally under-dressed at formal weddings or I end up buying a dress that is boring, wear it once, and donate it. I don't even know where to look for some cool, offbeat wedding guest dresses. I even googled "dresses to wear to formal weddings" and was overwhelmed by blandness.

I guess basically, can someone tell me (and probably others) what an offbeater wears to a formal gig?"


Why you should NEVER dry clean your wedding dress (or any wedding garments) right before your wedding

I have worked in a hotel laundry for the last six years. I have received basic training in dry cleaning — enough to deal with our hotel's uniforms and basic garments. In the last six years, on a regular basis, I have watched countless brides and grooms send down their wedding garments to be cleaned, often at the last minute. Here's why that makes me very nervous…


Feeling crappy about yourself? Get a dose of body positivity RIGHT HERE

Who knows what triggers a bad day. You're going along, feeling pretty good, and then suddenly you're being sucked into a vat of negativity. "Nothing fits." "Why do I look this way…" "Why can't I…?" "Why am I…?"
Oh, darlings. On those days, I wish I could give you all the hugs. Instead, I've got a whole armful of encouraging, beautiful photos and quotes about body positivity for you to wrap yourselves in. You're gorgeous, loves!


How to buy an Etsy wedding dress: 4 tips to avoid getting scammed

For years, people relied on sites like eBay for their ecommerce needs, but over the last decade, Etsy has emerged as the place where most Offbeat Bride readers do their online shopping. Understandably, many are still skeptical about purchasing a wedding dress online, so here are a few tips and tricks on how to successfully get your own Etsy wedding dress.