OPEN THREAD: How can you share in the excitement of wedding planning when your family doesn't approve?

I have known since the day that I came out that my parents would not be attending my wedding, nor any of my six siblings and aunts and uncles. I have been forbidden from telling my last living grandparent to "preserve her health." How can I share in the excitement of planning when my wedding feels like the final nail in the coffin of my relationships with my family?


OPEN THREAD: How can you have a fun bridal experience with no friends?

I'm alright with my lack of friends most of the time — except for when I think about my wedding. I've (mostly) come to terms with the idea of giving up my cute wedding party photos and going dress shopping with "my girls." But what really makes me feel bummed is thinking about a bridal shower and bachelorette party. How can I manage to have the "bridal experience" that I'm craving so much, without any friends?


Guest list primer: questions you must ask when making your guest list

Ultimately, nothing decides how large your guest list can be more than your venue. But within those physical boundaries, you'll still have lots of questions to answer to form your guest list. Let's get down to basics and see what questions you'll want to ask yourselves to get to your final list.


Fights about weddings will happen, here's how to work your politics into the compromise

I wish I read this post about consensual bridal showers when I first got engaged. I wouldn't have felt so "wrong" when I came across the same scenario… I tried to be polite. I tried to kindly turn it down. That didn't work. Then things got ugly. This is when I had a big realization… These fights about weddings will exist no matter how hard I try. But there are ways to work your politics into the compromise.