How to make your wedding feel small and intimate without cutting the guest list

My friends' small wedding was so full of love and they really made all of their guests feel like each one was a critical piece of who they were as a couple. My future husband said to me, as we left, that he really felt honored to be there. The problem: There's no way my future husband and I can cut our guest list to under 100 people. So how do we make our wedding feel small and intimate without being able to cut the guest list? I think we discovered the answer…


How to attack a guest list like a ninja

As a wedding planner, I know that one of the main challenges our clients tackle is narrowing down their guest list. Coming from a huge family, I can totally relate — I struggled with a massive guest list when planning my own wedding. Here's a few tips to quickly reducing the guest list.


How to deal with misbehaving guests at your wedding

My wedding was amazing… but for one guest. We'll call her Cruella. When we got home from our honeymoon, I learned more about the "Cruella Sagas" — I was not the only person she got out of line with at the wedding. Looking back, I would have trusted my gut and handled the situation differently. Here's the advice I would have given myself about dealing with a difficult wedding guest, having now been through it…


What will people tell their friends about your wedding?

Like many Offbeat Brides, I'm pretty insecure. I'm insecure to the point where I sit on the subway making up things for people around me to say behind my back. Of course, in my mind, they're never flattering. So now, less than two weeks from my own wedding, I decided to STOP thinking about the horrible things people MIGHT say about my wedding.


Why my wedding isn't about me, and it never was

Every time I come up with an idea, I get someone complaining how it is not suitable for them, always followed by "but it's your day you should do what YOU want." But my wedding isn't about me, and I wish people would stop telling me that it is. Here's why…


Music, laughter, hugs, and tears: the ways I honored my dad on our wedding day

Then the more our wedding plans coalesced, the more I needed Dad to have a role, somehow, in our wedding. Some friends suggested that we include a prayer in our ceremony to acknowledge him, but this seemed out of character for us. Others proposed placing an empty chair next to my mother to symbolize both his presence and absence, but this didn't seem right, either. So, to create a space for Dad, Nick and I decided on the following. They may seem minute, but to me, they were huge…


How do you deal with potentially homophobic guests at your gay-friendly wedding?

So the homophobic-tendency people are off the list, and I can live with that — but what if this happens anyway, because I missed someone on the list with views I didn't know about? Has anyone else ever had a problem like this happen to them? How did you handle it? Do you have family that is prejudiced, and how did you handle knowing about their issues, and reconciling that with your wedding guests?


How to be an offbeat bridesmaid for a traditional bride

I know this is a space for Offbeat Brides, and not so long ago I was an one, but is there any advice to be had for those of us who are offbeat bridesmaids for more traditional brides? When my most recent engaged friend asked me to be a part of her day as a bridesmaid I was thrilled! But now… some things are making my uncomfortable. How do I explain to my bride that I want to be a part of her day, but don't want to compromise myself in the process?