Internet-ordained ministers

Check your paperwork before you assume your web minister can legally wed you: Great Wedding! But Was It Legal? (thanks, Dina)


Aisle-free ceremony

Both of my (still married) parents want to walk me down the aisle but my partner and I are so shy that we want to avoid an aisle all together……


Wedding circle seating

My fiance and I both want a non-traditional wedding ceremony, without the procession. The ceremony and reception will be held at an restaurant in NYC. I've read somewhere we could have our guests stand in a circle around us with a small wedding. However, we are inviting about 50+ people and am not sure if this could still work with this many people. Do you have any thoughts on this or any other alternative ideas to a non processional wedding?


Mad libs wedding vows

ManicBride has a great idea: Let your guests write your vows! A few weeks ago, D. and I were discussing whether or not we would write our own vows. Traditional…..