Why I don't like the word "vows" in the context of weddings

I don't like the word "vows" in the context of weddings. A vow is like a promise and, whether we like it or not, promises are easy to break. I prefer the word "intentions." What I intend to do is what is important, how I intend to treat you — right now and for the rest of my life. Here is what I wrote as my "wedding intentions"…


You may now kiss each other

Every once in a while, a couple comes up with a wedding alternative I've just never thought of before. Lo and behold, Dagny and Charlie came up with this super simple twist to a traditional ceremony script:

"It was also important to me that our first kiss as a married couple was something that both of us entered into. Traditionally, people say, 'You may now kiss the bride.' We opted instead for, 'You may now kiss each other.' For many, it seemed like a silly, small thing, but for me it was a big deal."


Hilarious, tear-jerking, and realistic wedding vow ideas from readers

We've shared lots of advice for writing vows, but our last huge roundup of vow examples was a long time ago… so we worked with readers to gather our favorite wedding vow scripts and examples from their weddings this summer.

We pulled out some of our favorite funny, sweet, sniffle-inducing (I'm not crying, it's just been raining on my face!), and realistic vows from the pile from which you can be inspired. Tissues are a must when we get to talking about wedding vow ideas, so get 'em ready!


Break a watch to stop time during your wedding

What sci-fi-loving kid (or adult. I am certainly not one to judge) has not dreamed of manipulating time with a broken watch? If you and your partner are of a particularly geeky bent, consider working this broken-watch ceremony into your wedding rituals.