Take your "first kiss" photo without the officiant in the background

Y'all remember that spectacular bass drum wedding we featured a few months ago? Obviously the couple was cool, the outfits were sweet, the musical instruments EPIC. But something tiny caught my eye — Danny and Johanna sneaked back to their ceremony site and got a sweet pic of their kiss! You'd never know it wasn't taken during the ceremony if it weren't for the fact that there's no officiant in the background.


Include EVERYONE in your processional!

Zay and Stacey, as you may recall, had a kickass outdoor wedding in Kansas last June. You should def go check out the entire wedding, but may I direct your attention to one particular bit of awesomeness? Zay and Stacey walked out to their ceremony site accompanied by EVERYONE at the wedding. Not a couple loved ones, not just a wedding party, no — every guest who was at their wedding got to be part of a dang parade to the ceremony!


Add a science-y vibe to your ceremony with this mash-up reading

You'll be seeing a LEGO-themed wedding later in the week that will make any LEGO fan wet their pants with delight, but Jess and Mac also included some science into their ceremony instead of any religious readings that we couldn't resist previewing. This is a mash-up of different writings from the likes of Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Albert Einstein, and others. Put on your thinking caps and see if a reading like this is right for you!