We couldn’t agree who should officiate, so we had a self-uniting wedding

We couldn’t agree on anyone to be our officiant — each person we thought of “belonged” too strongly to me or to my husband; no one belonged enough to both of us. We aren’t religious, so there was no minister in our life, and we didn’t want to bring in someone we didn’t know. So using resources I found here, including Wedding Ceremony 101 and a few wedding ceremony scripts that I collected from my family, I wrote our ceremony, divided up the text between me and my husband, and we officiated our own wedding…


Ceremony script with unicorns and space travel

Our officiant wrote most of our ceremony, and really knocked it out of the park. But my partner and I each picked out a reading, and I took a bunch of Daily Odd Compliments and put them together in a way that flowed. Then we wrote the unity ceremony part, and used a unity ceremony we found here on Offbeat Bride. I'm mostly in love with it, so I want to share it with you…


Take "wedding in the round" to the next level: set up stations for your ceremony

In a typical wedding in the round, guests surround the couple for the duration of the ceremony. Sometimes guests are seated, sometimes they stand, sometimes they're arrayed in a circle around the couple, and we've even seen them arranged in a spiral! Adam and Lynn went a step further. A few steps actually. They walked around the circle themselves, stopping at different stations to complete their ceremony.


A ceremony script that harnesses the power and the beauty of nature

In particular, I wanted to highlight the importance of nature and beauty in my ceremony, and I couldn't find anything that addressed that. So, I decided to write those sections myself. If other couples are looking for something similar, I wanted to offer what I came up with as inspiration. Feel free to copy or use this as a basis for your own ceremony scripts…


Take your "first kiss" photo without the officiant in the background

Y'all remember that spectacular bass drum wedding we featured a few months ago? Obviously the couple was cool, the outfits were sweet, the musical instruments EPIC. But something tiny caught my eye — Danny and Johanna sneaked back to their ceremony site and got a sweet pic of their kiss! You'd never know it wasn't taken during the ceremony if it weren't for the fact that there's no officiant in the background.