5 butt-saving reasons why Vulcans and procrastinators need wedding planners

I have a confession: I've been "planning our wedding" for almost a year now, and I've only JUST started getting shit done… 4 months away from the wedding date. I have another confession: I did the same thing for my first wedding.

Fortunately I'm not in Full Panic Mode, because I did the number one thing I advise everyone to do: I got a wedding planner. If you're a procrastinator, like I am, the best best best thing you can do is hire a wedding planner. Here's why…

"Two Days We Should Not Worry": a lovely and realistic wedding reading

Sometimes a wedding reading should be passionate and loving and remind us of how much we mean to each other. But other times you might want to harness a little realism to talk about how you'll approach your life and your marriage together. This reading is often read within recovery communities but has a great message for anyone, especially those entering into a marriage.

Here's a meaningful and realistic wedding reading for your ceremony…


Bring everyone together with these collaborative non-dancing reception activities

"When planning our smaller wedding, we defaulted to dancing as the reception activity since that's usually what happens, but it's not really what we'd do for fun. We'd like to have another kind of activity that brings us together as a community. Any suggestions?"

Non-dancing receptions are becoming pretty common in offbeat circles, so it's no wonder folks are considering different kinds of activities. I scoured our archives and did some brainstorming to see what non-dancing reception activities would bring your guests together. Here are some ideas…