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September 25 | mswolfgang
Kissing Bride & Groom
Photo from Leslie & Stevan's roller skating hula hooping pumpkin-filled Hallowedding by The Happy Couple

It's finally AUTUMN, you guys, and there is just nothing at all like this season. Fall weddings can take on so many different feels! So let's just lose ourselves in a big ol' pile of ALL OF THEM. We've got spooky, we've got cozy, we've got goth, outdoorsy, haunted, cute, colorful, gray, sunny, rainy — whatever you're looking for, it's the most wonderful time of the year.

15. That gray sky. Those yellow leaves. That long-sleeved dress.

Photo from Raina & Mike's library wedding by mike.turz

14. Don't be anxious about the cold. Bring out the wedding shrugs!

Photo from Kristen & Todd's green, eco-friendly wedding by DeLap/Nadenichek

13. What better time to wear a purple dress with autumn leaves on it?

Isn't he handsome
Photo from Grace & Thomas' Intimate Medieval Earthy Elopement by Greg Murphy-Dillow

12. Epic gowns look even MORE epic with a backdrop of autumn scenery.

Walking to the ceremony
Photo from Sheri & Theo's 18th Century Scottish Harvest Wedding by sheri.moore07

11. Flower crowns and fall leaves just go together.

Big hippies
Photo from Fran & Siobhán's feminist, disability-friendly, colourful, vegan wedding by Rob Bird

10. Mums for leis!

Alverson - Stewart Wedding 221
Photo from Stevie & Jeb's local vendor-lovin, North Carolina wedding by smalverson

9. How about this fall-themed, forest-floor wedding cake?

our cake.
Photo from Cat & Joe's Oktoberfest locally-grown harvest wedding by Nickel Images

8. Fall-leaf tattooed back piece? FLAUNT THAT.

Photo from One wedding to rule them all: a Lord of the Rings fantasy by Lilia Photography

7. That autumn-evening light though.

Photo from Leanne & Rob's small town playhouse wedding by David MacVicar

6. Spooky lollipop bouquet, anyone?

Lollipop Bouquet
Photo from Leslie & Stevan's roller skating hula hooping pumpkin-filled Hallowedding by The Happy Couple

5. The cutest zombie wedding cake toppers ever?

Photo from Jennifer & Brian's vintage Halloween-infused October wedding by Matthew Modoono

4. Red hair lookin' fab next to red leaves.

Emily & Kyle_128_low
Photo from Emily & Kyle's autumnal handcrafted wedding by Joyeuse Photography

3. Chilly canoe rides over autumnal lakes.

Photo from Dawn & Benjamin's off-the-grid forest handfasting by Kris Krüg

2. Life, death, and marriage. A ceremony among the tombstones.

Photo from Werewolves, cemetery bridal photos, and skulls: a costume party disguised as a wedding by Little Fang Photo

1. Two top hats and a walk over a lawn of crisp leaves.

Photo from Meridith & Kevin's Victorian-inspired autumn wedding by Love & Perry Photography

Who's planning an autumn-themed wedding? Tell us what your favorite bits of fall you'll be including!

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  1. This is seriously one of my all time favorite posts on Offbeat Bride! It makes me so glad to be having a fall wedding.

    7 agree
  2. Yay! Love seeing everyone's fall weddings and reminiscing about mine. My husband looks so handsome up there. And it makes me happy to see my lollipop bouquet whole. It was eaten by my SIL's dogs this past Labor Day weekend. 😛

    2 agree
  3. Oh man. I'm getting married in two weeks, and somehow this post just gave me an awesome dose of reality.

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