Honoring Ethiopian heritage at a botanical garden wedding in Denver

September 3 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: From the Hip Photo
Photos by From the Hip Photo

Get ready to pick your jaws up off your floors, y'all. We've got some beautiful photos of Keith and Hawzien's rustic wedding to look at. The couple got married outdoors at the Denver Botanical Gardens last September. Wait until you see them exude the gorgeousness of this boho wedding as they say their vows in a very cute lil gazebo.

But you'll want to stick around for the reception photos. Pretty sure we've never featured a bride who completely changes her hairstyle for the reception. Hawzien undergoes a small transformation with some stunningly beautiful Ethiopian braids. From the Hip Photography tells me that the couple decided to include some of the bride's Ethiopian traditions for the wedding's after-party.





















Caterer: Three Tomatoes Catering • Photographer: From the Hip Photo • Venue: Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield

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  1. Beautiful wedding!! Its rare to find such a beauty in a simple wedding dress like hers, I tried to find a simple plain wedding dress like that but no luck. Great photos and lots of love in this wedding!! Congratulations!!

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  2. The bride's hair the whole way through . . . amazing! Actually, everything about this wedding is amazing, absolutely beautiful. (And a ring bearer that is too cute for words!)

    27 agree
  3. This wedding is stunning! I hope they fill out a profile, I'd love to learn a little bit more about them.

    Also, the lining on the groom's suit! I dig it.

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      • Really?! I'd think the photographers would at least ask permission of the couples to submit.

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        • We ask them to, but if a photographer owns the rights to the images, technically they do not need to ask permission. (And yes, we have received emails in the past from couples who are horrified that their photographer submitted without their permission, and asking us to take the photos down. In that instance, even though the photographer had the legal right to share the images, we've taken the posts down because it just doesn't feel right.)

          I want to be clear here: for all I know Keith and Hawzien are totally regular readers who suggested their photographer submit their wedding to us… but typically, when couples are readers, they submit wedding profiles to us directly by filling out our profile questionnaire.

          Tons more info about our submission process over here: http://offbeatbride.com/submissions 🙂

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  4. Holy crap! Do two people even have the right to be that beautiful?? What hope do the rest of us mere mortals have? Just kidding, besides, it's not only two people, everyone in those pictures is gorgeous! OK, adjusting photo envy and expectations now. But really, a stunning wedding, and the photographer obviously captures the joy and love of the day so well! Congrats to the happy couple!

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  5. Love these photos! I got engaged at this Garden and I'm thinking that the reception is in an adorable red barn on the property.

  6. I know! I saw him, and I was like, "ZOMG CUTE! Can I keep him?" And the couple is sooo beautiful. She is one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen.

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  7. AHHH! I loved seeing this wedding, this might be my fav OBB post of all time. Everything was so gorgeous. Plus the follow up shoot of her pregnancy is AMAZING! Love it so much.

  8. Absolutely stunning. Makes me only want to see more and more of their beautiful setting and happy faces!

  9. I love this wedding!! So beautiful! The bride is literally stunning.

    Did she change dresses as well as hair styles?! I LOVE the dress in the picture with the money! You almost never see a simple, higher-necked dress like that!

    • Hey Sarah! Their celebration spanned several days, so there was ample opportunity for outfit and hair style changes. 🙂

      We're so glad you loved Hawzien's style–she's definitely got an amazing and unique sensibility!

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