Elly's Ellensburg Wedding

Elly & JustinThe offbeat bride: Elly, student

My offbeat groom: Justin, art guy

Location & date of wedding: May 5 2007 at a family ranch in Ellensburg, WA (middle of nowhere, just about)

What made our wedding offbeat: Ways we were odd: wrote our own very naturalistic vows, made and/or altered a lot of the small details, bought the dress (and many other bits) on ebay, did a 'formal' ceremony in barefeet. Yes, I think we scared the crap out of some people, including the neighbors. We each had three rings. That was probably the most expensive part beyond the Canadian photographer!

Dog guestWe ordered in some pomegranate wine from a cellar in North Carolina, who imported it in from Armenia. We had so many last minute changes it wasn't funny until after the fact. Also, we had an extra guest that was incredibly polite and friendly — someone else's dog. He's in a number of the photos.

Our biggest challenge: Our biggest challenge was the resort we were originally going to have our wedding at. The communication was soooo terrible that we canceled with two weeks left to go and moved everything to the other side of the state. The day of our wedding, it was 48 degrees and raining on Orcas Island (our original location) but 75 and sunny in Ellensburg where we ended up.

Elly's cakeMy favorite moment: Seeing the cake for the first time two days before the event.

My offbeat advice: Do whatever you damned well please. It's your event and may be your only one (this was my second, and will be my last). Don't let crappy people stand in your way, either!

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn: Check out Elly's amazing ribbon veil, budget bouquet, great use of peacock feathers, and her husband's fabulous outfit over here.

Tell me all about your offbeat wedding!

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  1. there is sooo much more to the story than what i originally wrote, but i was a little spacey at the time i was writing things down, so a lot got left out.

    that dress was insane, so thank you for the compliment; it definitely makes me happy to know all the work i put into it came through at least a little 🙂

  2. We are planning our wedding in Ellensburg next year around end of spring could you tell me how you have deal with the reception, I mean for the food and the music I'm looking for good deal thanks. your dress is amazing!!!!

  3. oddly enough, we got most of our food at costco. since our venue got changed last minute, we didn't have time to hire a new caterer, so we just waltzed into costco and ordered some of their party trays! the cake was done very last minute by a friend of the family (and if you want her info, i can get it for you). beyond that, we ordered in wine from armenia, via a cellar in north carolina, and either made the extra bits ourselves, or bought it at the local safeway (which, btw, is where i got my orchids and tulips!).

    feel free to email me if there are any other questions (anlyras@gmail.com) and i will be happy to answer as much as i can!

  4. Yay Ellensburg! I went to university there! Beautiful location and congrats on the beautiful wedding and dress.

    I'm in Norway now and rather heavily involved with a Scotsman, and hoping for a wedding in the Vista House on the Columbia River Gorge. 🙂

  5. When I read about your wedding, all I could think about were those "Ellen from Ellensburg" commercials! Anyways, just wanted to tell you I loved the dress! And the face that you did it all while dealing with so much stress was incredible!

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