Your jaw's gonna DROP at this curvacious blue dress, that groom's leather outfit, and those glow-in-the-dark tents

December 8 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: M and E Photo Studio
Feather wedding headdress
Photos by Me and E Photography

Zay and Stacey's wedding last June was a color and light EXPLOSION. After a weekend of camping and playing in the lake, the couple said their vows at sunset on the incredible fields of 80 Acres in Kansas. Damn, you two. If that's how good you look after a couple days of camping, I'd love to know what you look like every day! Zay and Stacey each strutted their stuff in gorgeously fanciful wedding costumes. Zay was in leather from head to toe (complete with bare arms and lacing everywhere. Growl.) while Stacey showed a blue dress what it was meant to look like.

Take a careful look at her ensemble, folks. I love that she thought of pairing that black halter vest with such a swooping, formal dress! I'm pretty sure she has some shoulder jewelry going on underneath it too. Then there's the headpiece — a jaw-dropping concoction of feathers, flowers, and jewelry. And if her bouquet isn't three feet long, I'm worse at eyeballing measurements than I thought.

But moving on from the incredible outfits, be sure to admire the rest of this super-fun wedding! We've got fire eaters and tent-covered lounges and a veritable parade to the ceremony site. Enjoy!

Blue dress with leather corset vest

Feather boutonniere

Metalwork jewelry

Leather vest details

Cerulean curves

Wild and colorful bouquet

Colorful bride and groom

Fanciful wedding costumes

Color explosion

Dressing for a wedding

Glamazon boots

Wedding processional with everyone

Starry ceremony site

Reading the vows


Tears and cheers

Kiss the bride

Sun-drenched triumph

Ye olde tente barre

Cookie table

Feather and leather

Mason jar lanterns and pillows

Colorful wedding night

Fire eater

Fire eater II

Set the night on fire


Photographer: M and E Photo Studio • Venue: 80 Acres

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  1. This is like having your own Burning Man for a wedding reception. FRIGGIN' AWESOME!

    32 agree
  2. wow wow I love this! Everyone looks great and the wedding looks like a blast to attend. And moving too, as shown buy all the tearful guests!

    2 agree
  3. See, on paper this wedding would be wildly out of my comfort zone. We're having a geeky, fairytale wedding with all the bits mum and grandma expect; white dress and a hetero, cis couple. Well except canapés because who wants to pay £11 per person for tiny, fancy, gross tasting 'food'.

    However, in searching for some geeky and budget elements I come across offbeat bride. And one of my first wedding profiles was this one:

    And I loved it. I loved the way offbeat bride interviewed the brides. I enjoyed getting to know them, their gorgeous pictures and how they had real advice, I could relate to. It makes me kinda sad when people say they don't like some of the weddings on offbeat bride. Sure I'm not into pink dresses but I have yet to see one posted on here that I didn't love on the person wearing it. They love it, so it looks gorgeous. I'm not saying I don't ever have negative thoughts about people and how they look, etc. I just feel weddings are all about love and commitment and that's what I come to offbeat bride for.

    I put this essay on this wedding because if only one wedding could be shown to aliens or future peoples then I'd pick this one. There's no must haves, just a happy couple in fantastic outfits and their loved ones.

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  4. Oh, I love a good gypsy wedding. They all look so beautiful. What an amazing day. 🙂

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  5. Wow so absolutely fabulous, handsome, sexy, beautiful, creative, meaningful, inspiring, colourful, (insert a million other adjectives here…) wedding!

    1 agrees
  6. Good grief! This might be the coolest wedding I've ever seen in my whole life! And I'm a wedding photographer who lives for offbeat weddings, so I've seen a lot. WOW!

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  7. Stacey and Zay are some of the nicest, coolest people I know! I would not be surprised if Stacey made their outfits herself because she is really good at clothing design and construction, and often makes them matching costumes. I assure you, they ALWAYS look this good when they are camping! I am so happy for them, and I just wish I could have been there! Congrats, you two!

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  8. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this couple. They are adorable, and this wedding is just amazing! Beautiful, and everyone looks like they are having an amazing time!

  9. We'd like to feature this wedding in our magazine ( Can you help me contact the couple?
    Greeings from Poland:)

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  10. Hi, I'm the groom! Stacey and I were floored by all the awesome responses and comments! Thank you all so much for sharing in our happiness and fun! We sent offbeatbride a full submission to give more details about the wedding (this was definitely a burner wedding) and answer questions about our clothes etc.
    Magda, we'll contact you through your website.

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  11. I absolutely adore this wedding. They both looked amazing and the entire thing looked like an absolute blast. Very inspiring!!

  12. OMG I am in love!!!!!!!!! How are those jar lanterns made? That is such a beautiful picture. I would love to make them for my camp wedding

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