An amphitheater wedding in Colorado with gratuitous dog adorableness


Dayna and Jason's Colorado wedding had so much going for it: Dayna's short and sweet dress, Jason's Baltimore tie, their walk down the aisle together, the amphitheater setting with a view we can't even handle right now, and GRATUITOUS DOGGY SHOTS! This pooch is walking down the aisle, front-and-center at the ceremony, and then falling asleep in the middle. Then it's on to the reception where there's carb-loading and robin's egg centerpieces. Carrie Swails Photography sent this over, and our dog and cupcake-loving hearts thank her.















  1. GOD, everyone is gorgeous. I can't decide who I want to mouth kiss more: the bride's dress, the groom's eyebrows, or the centerpiece. If you need me, I'll be over here in the corner making out with a pile of tulle, hair, and eggs.

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  2. Yeah, Boulder represent! You guys look lovely and so in love. Blessings on your marriage!

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  3. When it comes to cute dogs there is no such thing as gratuitous! I love how intimate and sweet this mountain wedding was.

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  4. HEY, I know that girl! Lol, very beautiful, Dayna. Nice choices and it is totally you.

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